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As I mentioned in my post yesterday, winter is fast approaching which means I am getting ready to hibernate(almost). Even though I am from Russia and I have weathered the weather that hit as low as -15C, I have never been as cold as I was during my first winter in South Africa! The thing is, Russia is prepped for winter- there is central heating in every house, cafe or subway station you turn into. I was always toasty warm inside the house when I grew up in Odessa, and yes the being on the street part was horrible, but you minimize that time to just running to and from the car/bus/taxi. In South Africa, I battle every winter even when I put heaters on all over the house. And the add insult to injury, my skin starts going through havoc. While it’s usually a fuss-free skin during the warmer months, in winter I break out in dry patches, my lips start to flake and my hair goes dry. Sounds wonderful right? Well I make sure to stock up on some of my favorite things to help me through the winter, and today I am sharing them with you. Plus I am giving away a R600 Vaseline Hamper to help you start your winter-survival kit!

PS My Skin-care must haves from last year are in this post, and today I added some new favorites that I grew fond of last winter.

For The Face- Balm Balm Hibiscus Mask and Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

winter essentials
Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Oil is no stranger to the blog, as I discovered it during my Change Your Skin campaign with Kiehl’s last year. It’s very rich but exactly what I need, and you can see a difference with it almost overnight. The Balm Balm Hibiscus Mask is a real treat for your skin, although it might look a bit silly when you actually have it on! It has all of the goodness in it with organic ingredients and it is a rice/powder mask which you need to add some water to and then apply onto the face. It goes red and tight on your skin 15 minutes in, and after 20 minutes you wash it off. Your skin feels refreshed and renewed and I try to sneak it in even during the summer every week!

For Hydration- Esse Toner Plus and Kiehl’s Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum

winter esseintials
A big thing I discovered last winter, was that not only did my skin lack moisture, it also lacked hydration. These are two very different things- moisturizing makes the skin soft and the lack of moisture is what makes your skin dry. Hydration however refers to the level of water in your skin, which drops drastically during winter and makes the skin appear lifeless and dull. I am currently obsessing over mist-toners because they are so easy to use(I will be doing a comparison test soon), and my favorite this year has been the Esse Toner Plus. I didn’t realize how important toner was until last winter! The Esse Toner smells delicious and has ingredients such as aloe vera and a whole bunch of different essential oils that are immensely good for your skin.I spray the toner every night before applying my moisturizer.And in the mornings during winter I like to apply the Kiehl’s Hydro Pluming Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate(they love their long names hey) which keeps my skin looking fresh and young for the day.

For The Lips- Vaseline

winter essentials
Okay seriously, nothing will ever be as good for my lips as good ole’ Vaseline. Made out of pure petroleum jelly, it is the bomb when it comes to helping chapped lips in winter.It is something that I have been using since I was 12, and I even have a few mini ones that I pop into my handbags in winter. Its super cheap, and even if you don’t like the smell of the original Vaseline, they now offer a variety of different scents- the Aloe one is a great choice and this Cocoa Butter one I have been trying out is also pretty good. Nothing will help your poor little lips like these guys!

For Bath Time- Lush,Lush,Lush

winter essentials
Winter time= bath time, and I soak in my bath until I start looking like a prune. I save all of my Lush goodies until winter, because I feel like they are a bit of a waste during the summer for me. These are just a few things that I will be popping in my bath come winter- I saved this Christmas Eve bubble bar, and I have been loving the Granny Takes A Dip bath bomb. Also I recently got this Carrot Soap from the Easter range, and it smells delicious so I am really looking forward to bath time!:)

For The Soul

winter essentials
Fluffy hats, tea and lots and lots of books. Winter is the season to curl up on the coach with a book, sip your Earl Grey and relax. I have super cold feet so my mom always gets me amazing warm and fluffy socks from Moscow, and I also love cute little hats to wear throughout the day like this pink one! On the book front, I mostly read in Russian(if you didn’t know yet), and I am looking forward to finally finishing Catcher In the Rye this winter as well as starting some new books! Do you have any recommendations? And of course- tea! I love both tea and coffee, but during the winter time I take out my biggest mug(how cute is the Ted Baker one?) and keep it filled with tea the whole day.

Also to help you get your winter survival kit started, today I am giving away a R600 Vaseline hamper which includes a whole bunch of goodies from Vaseline to keep your lips and body soft and moisturized this winter! All you have to do is comment on this post and tell me how you plan on spending your last few days of the warm weather! The Vaseline team will pick the best answer next week Tuesday after Easter!:)

Good Luck!


34 thoughts on “My Winter Essentials+ Vaseline Hamper Giveaway”

  1. I recently lost quite a lot of weight, I have my final weigh in on Thursday, and then it’s off to start with my maintenance so I can keep the weight off. For the first time ever, I’m wearing shorts, and dresses, and loving every single tank top I own.

    For the last days, before winter strikes, I will be wearing as many dresses and shorts, sandles and tank tops as I possibly can (and own). I will take one last jump in the pool, go for my daily morning walks when I get up and bask in the sun in the afternoon reading a book.

  2. I’m going to make sure I wear all my favourite shorts and summer shades – just to show off my silky, smooth legs (of course I use the Vaseline Dry Skin Repair) and I deserve to show my skin off for the last time lol.

  3. Well, we say goodbye to Summer and welcome Autumn. It might hurt but its inevitable.I will enjoy my last moments in the sun by heading to the beach.What better place to spend my last few days of warmer weather than the beach? Catch some rays, go for a swim, and free my mind one last time.

  4. I will definitely be going to the beach with my daughter as much as possible while the sun is still out, we absolutely love the beach, sand between our toes, waves washing over our body. I will then take a bus trip on the tour bus as well to see my beautiful city in awe before winter starts

  5. I am spending it with my little one in the garden, looking at the beauty that is the flowers that are still blooming, roses are looking especially gorgeous now, playing a bit out in the sunshine, riding our bikes and going for walks with the dogs! Bliss! Winter time we don’t get to do that so much

  6. Staying in CPT means that you’re blessed to see theeee most beautiful scenery all around the Cape. I plan to visit my faves, Kalkies, Clarence Drive and Langebaan (on the west coast), perhaps even add in a hike or two before the wet weather comes down for a visit.

  7. I intend on spending my last few days camping, fishing, soaking up the sun and enjoying all the outdoor activities as possible.

  8. My toddlers are fascinated with nature, so what i’d really like to do while its still summer, is lay on the grass with them, soaking up the sun, and showing them shapes in the clouds.. and on a clear night, show them all the stars. I think they will be in absolute awe.. before we stuck indoors for the long winter ahead 🙂

  9. Wearing as many open two shoes, dresses, skirts and shorts as possible and maybe one last brave dip in the pool! EKKKKK… hate winter!

  10. I plan on spending my last few days of the warm weather at the beach soaking up all the sun while I can! I’ll also try and go for my last few swims of the season and also do a few outdoor activities just to appreciate the warm weather while it’s still here 🙂

  11. I will get the garden tidy and work in compost,,I will wash all my winter woolies and clothes to get them fresh, and get rid of out all clutter in my cupboards so everything is clean and tidy I will eat ice cream and go swimming and enjoy the warm sun on my skin..I will plan menues for cold nights to enjoy and make us warm. I have many books waiting to be read and I will spend lots of “me time”

  12. Like most people I will be going to the coast for the Easter weekend – but just stay a little longer. I will be soaking up every bit of sunshine that I can (while wearing my sun blockers). Then just to top off my holiday we will be visiting my baby’s surro mom. If the weather doesn’t play along I will be curling up with my husband, 3 black cats and a book. Either way, it will be awesome to go home again.

  13. We will be staying at home this Easter and relaxing with our boys and girlfriends plus my mom. Leisurely walks in the nature reserve followed by picnics, a movie or two, a couple of snoozes, board games and a lovely lamb roast for Easter and church….just chilling

  14. I plan on spending as much time during the day outside with my children and dogs and while it’s still warm enough and to take my cup of coffee onto the veranda to soak in the warmth until the cold chases me back inside as the weeks pass. At least I’ll have vaseline to protect me this winter. X

  15. First and foremost it would be running my first two oceans half marathon. Then it will be a sublime picnic in Kirstenbosch followed by a stroll on the boomslang. Going to the fresh produce market and basking in the sun trying delicious treats from the stalls. A hike up lion’s head to stare at the beauty all around. And finally I will be wearing my summer loving havaianas until my toes can’t keep up.

  16. will definitely have to soak up those last summer rays doing as much outside as possible with my family, nothing better than the autumn sun not too hot just perfect

  17. ooooh man a sea cruise with my family chilling and relaxing under the sun while the boat is moving and sailing away slowly by the sea thats how im going to enjoy the last days.

  18. Winter is so not my season, thank you for the tips on how to get through it. I really need warm clothing, boots more importantly as well I need to take care of my skin, lips and soul. Great ideas on how to do this and will definately use them.

  19. To have vaseline with you can help you winter or summer, coz it can protect you from heat of the sun and ut helps on dry skins. So to have vaseline your and your family will be safe too.

  20. I’m going to relax and spend time outside with my daughter and my family. My 10yr old son is lucky enough to have been invited to Durban for a camping adventure and I’m going to miss him, but know he’ll be having such a great time! A family braai on Friday, an easter hunt for my little one on Sunday and luncheon with other family on Monday…Blessed! 🙂

  21. I will wear all my favourite summer clothes, still want to swim before it gets to cold, want to get my garden all cleaned up, still want to braai with friends 😉

  22. Well, it’s almost that time to say goodbye to summer. It might hurt but its inevitable. I Don’t dread it, I will embrace it and Enjoy the last moments in the sun by appreciating those last summer days to get my dose of getting fit. Working out in the open air is so much better than those treadmills in the local gym. I love power walking, or jogging, with the sunrays on my skin and a breeze through your hair. Catching up all the vitamin D’s, while I can…..Oke, this reminds me to get of my butt right now and work it!

  23. How do i enjoy the last daysvof warm weather.thinking about it made me notice my pattern.i go shopping.stock all i need for winter..toiletris and food then i camp in the house.wierd but its a pattern i didnt notice

  24. Ooooooh fab giveaway! I’ll be spending my last few days of summer soaking up the summer sun and doing things outside. Going for walks, having cocktails outside, you get the picture. 😉

  25. Well it was my birthday today and although Durbs was a little on the chilly side I still went for my surfing lesson, have wanted to learn to surf forever. After an hour I felt like I was in the movie “Frozen”..I looked as snow white as Olaf and chilled to the bone!!! This is when I could have really done with a lathering of some wonderful Vaseline products, especially on my knees, elbows and lips which took the brunt of the cold. Winning this fab hamper I know I will be going fully prepared and ready for the next surfing lesson whether it is warm or chilly.

  26. Running and exercising outdoors as much as I can before the winter hits! Love to be outdoors and being active. Winter time always means hiding our legs under layers. 🙁

  27. I definitely will be soaking up the sun, but while doing that I plan to boost my confidence, as I have never been very confident. I plan to set myself challenges to complete during the last days of summer/autumn sun and into the 1st month of winter. 1 of those challenges would be to show more skin. I generally prefer winter as I can cover up more, but keeping my skin and lips soft and moisturised will definitely add to that confidence and help me overcome that “summer” fear.

  28. My skin is always cover with the softest cream like Vaseline let me skin feel so soft like a baby skin I just love it and it smell great. I am so in love with the best ever products on the market for so many years I trust and believe in Vaseline. This is Manna for my skin every day when I am going out in the Sun It keep my skin and lips so soft its the best medicine for any type of skin, and it really works wonderfull for me I just love it

  29. With Vaseline next to me I fear nothing, days ago I was working using cement someone warns me that is dangerous to use cement without gloves but when we done I washed my hands then I used Vaseline blue seal Petrolium jelly, only to find that I was the one with soft h, anyway no more talk, try any Vaseline product to take good care of your body, and your lips lol.

  30. I will always use vaseline because it is the most relocated product for any person can’t go wrong if you are using Vaseline.

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