It’s finally Wednesday which means it is finally hump day, and that requires a little bit of luxury on the blog! I have always been drawn to all things pretty and sparkly (since I have been about 2 probably) so when I saw the YSL Beaute Oriental Collection my heart skipped a beat. The beautiful luxury collection is inspired by the East and celebrates the mysteries and refinement of a land with infinite riches. There are a total of 4 fragrances in this collection, of which Supreme Bouquet was my favourite, and that’s the one that I picked to come home with me. They are all actually unisex fragrances, with Supreme Bouquet being a radiant explosion of flowers!

ysl supreme bouquet

Fragrance notes are actually stipulated on the side of the bottle which I think makes it a lot easier for the consumer! Often you might spritz a fragrance on at the shops and wonder what the familiar notes in it are, and here you don’t have to guess! I do think that many of us keep going back to the same top notes over and over again, because those are the ones we like most in a fragrance without us even realizing what those notes are. That is the case with me and Tuberose, as Tuberose has always been a favourite of mine, and it is especially prominent in my signature fragrance Si, so no wonder that this scent appealed to me! True to its name, this scent is filled with delicious flowers, others being Jasmine and Ylang Ylang.

ysl supreme bouquet

What gives this fragrance (and the whole Oriental collection) and edge for me is the amount of delicious, woody notes in it . Amber and Musk are very prominent in this fragrance, and give it a very warm kick. It smells on the sweeter side of things to me, however I do know a few men that wear this fragrance too, as the woody notes in it really balance it out. I think it’s something very different on the market, as before I was always used to strictly women’s or strictly men’s fragrances- this blurs the lines between the two to combine a delicious burst of notes.

Also a moment for the design of the bottle- how beautiful is the pattern on it? This pattern can be seen all throughout the collection, and all 4 of the scents are in these gorgeous,(and very heavy I might add) gold bottles. This fragrance only comes in the 90ml and makes a beautiful addition to my fragrance shelf. It is quite on the pricy side, with each scent retailing for R2900, but it’s a touch of luxury and the East that you need in your life!

The Oriental Collection is exclusive to Edgars and Red Square Stores.

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