Travel- Exploring Cape Town With Wiggle Car Hire graphic

Travel- Exploring Cape Town With Wiggle Car Hire

As usual, I have been MIA for the past month, but I promise, this was the last time! We had our Cape Town store opening in August, and it came with its turns and hiccups, which left me “stranded” in the Mother City for an extra week! I use the term “stranded” very loosely, because actually I was in a hotel, looking at the gorgeous Table Mountain while I worked.

Currently- September graphic

Currently- September

Yes, it is crazy that there are only 4 months left in 2017, but for the first time I actually don’t mind that the year has gone past so quick. We are already in September, which I usually love because it is my birthday month, but 2017 has been so rough, that I would not mind being finished with it already.…

Lookbook- Island Essentials graphic

Lookbook- Island Essentials

What do you pack for a quick island holiday when you only have carry-on luggage to spare? My big luggage bag for our  #UDGetaway to Reunion Island trip was taken up with work things (towels, product, selfie sticks…anything but clothes!) but of course, I still wanted to look fab! That meant that I had to plan each outfit beforehand, but also plan them all carefully so the each outfit would fit in perfectly with the setting and could transition from day to night if needed.…

Reasons to #GoToReunion graphic

Reasons to #GoToReunion

I feel like I keep disappearing on you people and re-appearing and always promising to do better- and I do promise that I will be better this time ha-ha! Life has not been great in the past couple of months (and I will catch it all up a new currently post next week), and especially this last month was very challenging and emotionally draining.…