Ill Take It All blog

Hi there! I’m Irina and I am so happy to see you here !:) A little about myself : I am a 23-year B.Science in Mathematical Sciences student and a South African beauty and Fashion Blogger! I love shoes, shopping, fashion, being at the beach, cats, sushi, sleeping in on a Monday morning, the movies Mean Girls and Bridesmaids, Blake Lively’s style, macaroons, tiramisu(any dessert really),spending time with my boyfriend and family, strawberries, waking up to a room filled with sunshine, staying up late watching How I Met Your mother, make-up, perfumes, lots and lots of accessories and life in general!

“I’ll Take It All” is my little space on the web where I share my love for beauty and fashion.

I hope that you find my blog interesting and please feel free to contact me, I appreciate any feedback. 🙂

Until then,