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Monday, 22 September 2014

Just For Fun - The Birthday Dress

Eeek guys I am 24 today! I can’t believe it’s been a year already ,time seriously has gone by way too quickly! I have an exciting day planned starting with shooting for the cover of Cosmopolitan Campus magazine (more on that later! : )), lunch with special friends and spending my evening with le boyfriend. I also had my friends over during the weekend to celebrate and I can’t believe how blessed I am to have such wonderful people in my life! I will surely be sharing little bits and pieces of my birthday on my blog later on in the week including the outfit that I actually wear today- it’s going to be a dress of course !:)

As you may know, I love dresses. It’s my ultimate fashion item and I can’t seem to stop buying dresses. They are just so feminine, work for any occasion and weather and a must in an any girls wardrobe. I probably have close to a 100 dresses in my closet and no I can’t stop. I won’t stop ;) So today I thought I would share something fun with you- my birthday dresses over the last 7 years !:)
 Sort of a flashback Monday and you know that I like keeping my blog personal. So here it is!

17Th Birthday  

As you can see in the first 3-4 years I had no fashion sense at all. I was still in high school and finding my style, and hey these tops and witch-like shoes were popular back then! ;) I had a party at a friend’s house that night and clearly wanted to look like a bumble bee! No idea where any of these items were from and I don’t even have them in my closet anymore. However I did have a great time that night, and added a pink fluffy crown to celebrate! 

18th Birthday 

It almost looks like I was getting some fashion sense back here, because this purple dress from Truworths is not too bad. I don’t have a good shot of it, but I’m sure you can still find something similar at Truworths even now. I had my birthday at News CafĂ© (also a popular spot back then) and while I did have fun, it wasn’t really a night or a birthday to remember.

19th Birthday 

Meet the wild Rina. The party animal. Yes it’s true I use to be a huge party girl and dancing on tables and stages was my thing. It was my first year of varsity and I finally got some freedom when my parents moved overseas to let loose and jam it up. I had a conjoined birthday with my bestie Eva (still besties to this day!) because our birthdays are a few days apart. We hired out the VIP section at Jet (I’m so fancy) which yes was a hot spot back then! The outfit choice is terrible- zebra shoes, dress and a crown? My first year of varsity was when I experimented the most with my clothes and it took me a little longer to find myself. The night was so much fun though; we got it a cake fight! Looks delicious doesn’t it? :)

20th Birthday

By this birthday I have met and started dating Steve so things calmed down a little bit. We went out to a restaurant to celebrate with my friends and my mom was in town from Russia. I still love this one-shoulder orange dress that I got in Russia. Again I don’t have a clear shot of it expect in this party pic from way back when. And yes I had highlights for a bit, I experimented with the hair too before settling on my original colour :)

21st Birthday

This is my favourite outfit and favourite birthday memory to date. My 21st birthday was so incredibly special- my friends knew that my parents are overseas and weren’t able to be here and they went all out for me. I had it at home, but due to limited funds I couldn’t make it as nice as I wanted, so my friends came in to help. Steve and his friends brought a mobile bar over and did my favourite cocktails. My best friend’s mom paid for my nails and my gran transferred me money from Russia to get my make-up done. My girlfriends came over to help me cook and set up, and our friends printed a huge canvas with my picture which everyone signed on the night and it now hangs up in my room. My Russian friend even contacted my mom to get some wishes from her to put into my best friends’ speech. I got the most beautiful slideshow from my high school friends, and we stayed up late partying. It might have not been the most extravagant birthday, but having my friends all come together for me was so special. The dress was bought by my gran and this is one of my most favourite items in my closet. My theme was Time Machine- meaning we could dress up as any era. I of course wanted to go with Gatsby because I am obsessed with the 20s. The dress is from the Dress Up by Topshop range that I got in Russia. Isn’t it gorgeous?

22th Birthday 

 After having a big 21st bash, I kept my 22 birthday chilled and relax. We went out for dinner with friends and I wore this bandage dress for YDE. It was a fun night and I still wear the dress over over.

This brings us to my 23rd birthday which I shared on the blog last year. The dress is a gorgeous delicate peach perfection and I had a high tea with my girlfriends.

I will be sharing my 24th birthday dress and pictures later this week, but for now I hope you have a fantastic day. What are your favourite birthday memories?

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Friday, 19 September 2014

Outfit Of The Day - Oh So Vague

Happy Friday guys! Yay its the weekend (does happy dance). It’s my besties birthday tonight and I am having my own celebrations tomorrow so I am in for a busy weekend! Today I have another outfit post from Russia, my mom should just be a photographer don’t you think? :)

Crop tops are a huge trend for spring and I wasn’t really sure how I felt about them until now. I have worn this crop top with high-waisted clothes before but never just bare-belly like this! But ever since getting a bit of a tan and losing a bit of weight I decided to give this trend a go. I paired it with my casual boyfriend jeans and a hat and off we went to explore the city.

I am becoming of a bit of a Ray-Ban stealer and have stolen my mom’s glasses for this shoot. I love the mirror reflection in them, so cool! Also Michael the Second makes his first appearance on the blog, but you know of my fondness for these bags so it won’t be the last! :)

What do think of this look and the summer trend? :)

Jeans- Wooloworths
Shoes- ZOOM on Spree
Bag- Michael Kors
Hat- River Island
Sunglasses - Ray-Ban

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Giveaway - #BewareOfAngels with Thierry Mugler

Every woman has two sides to her- the naughty and the nice. The angel and the demon. The girl who is as sweet-as-sugar and the girl who is naughty-as-hell. And both of these women live inside one person, and come out when the public least expects them to. That is the idea behind Thierry Muglers iconic “Angel” fragrance- we as women are all part angel and part demon(in a good way of course).

I think there is an angel and a demon inside all of us. We all have the angel part and the girl who dreams of her white wedding gown, cooking dinner for her family every night and being the perfect wife. And we all have the naughty girl inside us, the girl who wants to ride away into the sunset on the back of a Harley Davidson with her boyfriend, the girl who dreams about a leather-studded jacket to wear on the back of the said bike, and dreams of living a life of adventure as a lone wolf. It is surprising and shocking that such different characters can live inside one person, but that is exactly the idea behind the new tagline of the fragrance- Beware of Angels, because you never know what kind of a woman hides inside the perfect wife and the perfect rebel.

The scent of the Angel fragrance is a first of its kind, a blend of glamour and edginess, femininity and strong will. It first launched in 1992 and blew the designer socks right of the beauty industry. 22 years later and this fragrance is in the Top 10 best-selling fragrances around the world, and although it keeps its scent and signature idea fixed, it plays around with the different kinds of women that embody the fragrance. The scent is strong; it is almost overpowering, but yet leaves you wanting more. Its berry, praline, vanilla and patchouli notes satisfy the desires for beautiful materials and it starts of sweet but then opens up to be spicy, just like a woman. It has become more than just a fragrance; it is a statement of women’s independence, femininity and glamour.

The models for the Angel fragrance have always embodied the concept of the fragrance. The previous face of the brand was Eva Mendes- a perfect blend of sexy and sweet. Look I am still not okay with the fact that she is having my future husbands baby but man, she is beautiful as hell. 
Some of the other models to have been involved in the campaign are Jerry Hall(does she even age?) in 1993.

Naomi Watts in 2008

And model Anna Maria Cseh in 2003- fun fact, this dress weigh over 100 pounds, so she had to be lying down for the photos because the dress was simply too heavy to be shot standing up!

To celebrate the new face of the fragrance and the beautiful concept that is “Beware of Angels” I am giving one lucky reader an Angel hamper worth R1310 to celebrate the angel and the demon inside all of us. To win simply comment on this post and tell me what makes you the strong and confident woman that you are. 

What makes me the strong and confident woman that I am? For me, it a mix of inner factors and outer factors. The fact that I love and I am loved. The fact that I get to do what I love and express myself everyday on this blog. And of course outer factors such as a dash of red lipstick, a pair of gorgeous heels , a sexy little black dress and some stunning lingerie never hurt anyone.

Best of luck, I can’t wait to hear your stories!

Competition Rules
1.The competition will run from today (16.09.) until next week Monday (22.09)
2.The winner with the best answer will be chosen (I will not be choosing but I will be getting some help)
3.Please don’t forget to leave your details with the answer (an email will do)
4. The prize hamper includes the Angel fragrance(25 ml ) and the Angel body lotion(200 ml)
5.Competition is only open to residents of South Africa

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