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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Fashionable Outings- Elle Magazine "Scent Of A Woman" Event

Last week I attended the “Scent Of A Woman” event that was hosted by Elle Magazine at the Stuttafors in Rosebank Mall. Now we all know how much I love perfume, so it didn’t take any convincing for me to go. With spring around the corner I was interested in finding a new fresh scent for myself, and where better to search for a new scent than the recently renovated shop?

The new editor of Elle, Emilie

After we were greeted by the Elle team and their new editor Emilie Gambade(her first issue will be out in October),  Liz Ferret (the fragrance and cosmetics manager for Stuttafords) shared her perfume wisdom with us. Firstly, there are four different scents on the perfume wheel- Floral, Oriental, Woody and Fresh. Every category has different sub-categories which divide the scents further.

 I am very much a Floral and Fresh girl- I love fruity smells! Liz described a Floral girl as very feminine and soft while an Oriental scent girl is very glam and sexy. Liz suggested that we should all have one signature fragrance, but keep our options open every day with other scents. My signature scent is “Euphoria” by Calvin Klein, but sometimes I choose what perfume I’m wearing based on my mood or even outfit!

With Liz

Some other helpful tips which Liz gave us, is to never store your perfumes in your bathroom or direct sunlight. The temperature changes are not good for the scents, so ideally you should keep your perfumes in their boxes. The best place to spray perfume is behind your knees-yes that's right! It sticks to you, and when you walk past you are leaving a train of perfume behind :) Also never rub your wrists together after spraying the perfume! Rather spray some perfume in the air and “walk” into it to make it last.

We got to test out different perfumes to try and find our scent. Here are some of the ones that caught my eye and I wouldn’t mind using this coming spring.

Joyful by Escada. This is the new offering from the fashion brand. This is my kind of fragrance- it is purely fresh with notes of black currant, melon and mandarin.

Elie Saab L'Eau Couture. This is a very floral fragrance with notes of orange blossom and almonds in it.

La Vie Est Belle by Lancome. Another fruity and sweet offering which tickles my taste buds. Black currant and peach are the main notes in this scent.

SI by Giorgio Armani. I love this scent, even though I feel like it is for a bit more of a more mature woman. This is a woody fragrance with its main note being vanilla and it is really strong yet charming.

One of my personal favourites is the Bulgari Omnia Crystalline. This is not a new fragrance, but I have loved it for a while now. This is also a woody fragrance with notes of bamboo, but for me it has a slight sour note of citrus in it that balances the scent out perfectly.

And of course the yummy overindulging scent that is Bon Bon! I reviewed it here, so check out more about this candy fragrance.
Pretty girls Julia,Ali and Chicara

My favourite bloggers: Wisaal, Chicara, Ali and Leanne

I felt so in my element trying out all of these perfumes while sipping on champagne. Of course the night was made even better by the fact that my blogger friends were there, and we all compared what perfumes we liked best at the end of the night! Thank you Elle and Zebra Square for a fantastic night!
With the new editor of Elle, Emilie

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Fashion News- Crystal Forum Jewellery

A kiss on the hand might be quite continental, but diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? I got my liking for shiny and pretty things started at an early age when I use to dig into my mom’s jewellery box and try on all of her precious gems. I begged for my granny to pierce my ears when I was 4 while she was looking after me, because my parents were refusing and how can a granny say no to her grandchild? Now I have hundreds of different earrings, all shapes and sizes and I don’t have to dig into my mom’s jewellery box anymore, because I finally have one (or three) of my own! :)

I recently came across the Crystal Forum brand when I met the owner, Lisa at an event. Crystal Forum offers unique jewellery that is made with beautiful Swarovski crystals. I have always been obsessed with Swarovski crystals, and jewellery with their elements in it is always my favourite! Crystal Forum offers corporate gifts but they also custom make products according to your own requirements (cough cough, Steve are you listening? My birthday is next month;))Every piece in their range has its individual and unique style, and what I love the most about that, is that you won’t come across someone with the same jewellery as you at a party or an event. Now that would be a fashion faux pas!

Crystal Forums brand ambassador in none other than the gorgeous Leanne Manas. I recently got to meet her at the Stuttafords opening in Rosebank, and it all clicked when I realized that Leanne owns the gift shop in Sandton City called Simply Manas! That is where the Crystal Forum jewellery is sold, along with other beautiful items. Crystal Forum is also one of the sponsors of the Miss Earth South Africa pageant and has previously sponsored Strictly Come Dancing.

I had a look at Crystal Forums CrystalP Jewellery collection for summer 2014 and here are some of the pieces really stood out for me.

I love big, statement rings, and the more crystals the better!

This stunning necklace is understated yet beautiful

Tear-drop earrings and a matching pendant look so classy on a night out! I also really like the different colours of the crystals.

Besides the Swarovski Elements jewellery, Crystal Forum also offers a line of home ware called Implexions. I can’t wait until I have my own house to decorate, because these are just the few things I would love!

How stunning is the crystal elephant?

And what sets the mood better than elegant candles?

I also love this stationery-who doesn’t love a gorgeous Swarovski elements pen and a pencil with a crystal on it?

You can check out more from Crystal Forum on their website here and online at Net Florist!

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Monday, 18 August 2014

Beauty Review- Suigo Ultimate Control Range

I don’t often write about hair products (actually this is my first shampoo and conditioner review), because I don’t come across hair products that blow me away ever so often. I have long hair, and I don’t like my natural hair texture- its curly and gets frizzy, so I straighten or blow dry my hair every time after I wash it. Doing it after every wash is a hassle as it is, so I don’t like washing my hair more than twice a week. With that comes the problem of finding the right shampoo that cleans my hair, nourishes it, but doesn’t make it oily so I can wear my hair for three-four days. My roots tend to be a bit oily while my ends are dry due to constant heat styling, so finding hair products that work for me sounds like a bit of a mission doesn’t it?

I haven’t heard about the Suigo brand until Alessia and I were gifted the products at the Bloggers Who Bless Christmas In July party. Suigo is Japanese brand, and it offers four ranges of hair care- The Ultimate Range, The Nutritive Range, The Derma Range and The Arts Range. Their products are naturally derived from top quality ingredients, clinically tested and are eco-friendly. Their High Affinity System technology is an exclusive method of formulation that reaches the centre of the hair fibre. I will be honest and say that I don’t understand much about all the technology that goes behind the products- I care about what the product does to my hair and how it makes it feel.

Both Alessia and I were given products from the Ultimate Range which helps brittle and weak hair. Alessia dyes her hair and I heat-style mine all the time, so we were both in need a pick-me-up for our long locks. It promises to strengthen your hair and prevent further breakage as well as restore elasticity and help the hair look more “alive”. With ingredients such as Keratin, Madagascar longoza and Sumac nut oil we were both very keen to give it a try. I don’t need long to figure out if the product is working on my hair- after a few washes I can already tell whether I will carry on using the product or not- you won’t believe how many hair products I have thrown in the dustbin! Now I always try buying sample sizes first to try it out before committing to the full product.

Here is what we thought about the Ultimate Ultimate Control Combo which is 260ml of Shampoo and Conditioner

The Scent

Alessia: I cannot begin to tell you how amazing these products smell. I absolutely LOVE it and can’t wait to wash my every time!! It has a very subtle smell which does last and since I can’t wear perfume, this is the way to go for me. What gets me even more excited about these products is the fact that the smell derives from natural ingredients which is definitely better for the hair.
Me: Again because I am so fussy with my hair products, I cannot stand the “chemical” smell that some of the products have. So I really liked the natural scent of the Suigo products. It’s difficult to describe the exact scent of the products, but think a walk in the fresh summer forest J

The Texture

Alessia: I liked the texture of both products as I feel they are treating my hair in the ways they are supposed to. The shampoo is creamy and lathers nicely into the hair getting rid of any product and oiliness. While the conditioner is very thick and creamy which I love as I feel like I'm giving my hair the deep conditioning it needs. It also doesn't leave my hair feeling oily which for me is always a major concern as I have very oily hair. They both rinse out easily and don't leave any residue behind.
Me: As Alessia said, the shampoo lathers nicely, so you don’t need lot of it to give your hair a proper cleanse. And when you have long hair like we do, this stuff can get expensive! The bottle will last you a long time because a little goes such a long way. And although the conditioner is thick in texture, I find it to be quite light and fluffy on the hair.

The Results

Alessia: I must say that the products do what they claim. After using both the shampoo and conditioner my hair was very easy to comb, soft and healthier looking. I was very impressed with the volumizing as my hair didn't drop flat on my face half way through the day as it is long and eventually starts weighing down. These products will maintain the frizz and leave your hair feeling fresh and tamed.
Me: Being little Miss Fussy when it comes to hair care, I was very impressed with the products. My hair has been shiny and healthy looking, and I have been able to wear it 3-4 days before giving it a wash. It nourishes my ends but doesn’t make my roots oily, so this is a winning product for me.

The Suigo products are available at the newly launched Beauty Worx website. It is a new online shopping destination for beauty products, and there are some great brands available like The Victorian Garden and the Tan Organic range. Alessia is currently testing the Tan Organic so check back soon for her review of that! The Suigo Ultimate Control Duo is available for R398 (R199 for each product) and there a few more things from the range that I wouldn’t mind giving a go such as the AbsoluteVolume Keratin Treatment. Check out the website for more info! :)

What do you use to keep your hair healthy?

Have you had an awesome Monday!
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