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Friday, 25 July 2014

Fashion News- Brands At Stuttafords

Hi guys and girls! Aren’t you happy that it’s finally Friday and the weekend? On Monday I shared the exciting news of the Stuttafords re-launch at the newly opened Rosebank Mall. By now most of you will know about the awesome brand and the store. Today I am sharing with you an overlook of the brands that Stuttafords has to offer.

Stuttafords offers a huge variety of cosmetics brands. The Kardashian Collection make-up is sold exclusively to Stuttafords and now so is Michael Kors cosmetics and perfume. I am obsessed with the Michael Kors brand and their make-up is no exception. Take a look at the stunning Spring/Summer 2014 collection. I love the bright lippies and of course the bronzer-prefect for the upcoming summer(and its coming alright!).

The Armani Prive collection is another gem. Giorgio designed these perfume with his close friends in mind and the result is stunning. I am also a fan of the Tom Ford fragrances, even though they are a bit pricey, their lasting power and strong scents are like no other. A new addition to the South African market is the Boss Collection.

On the fashion side- Ted Baker, enough said. I am so in love with all of his stuff- the bags, shoes, the clothing. His designs are so feminine and the bows on the shoes make me fall in love with them. Bellfield is a very cool guys brand of clothing that le boyfriend likes. And he keeps trying to talk me into getting him something from Sergeant Pepper for our upcoming anniversary. 

I also really fancy Gap for the beautiful basics that they have

So what do you guys think? I can’t wait the re-launch of the Stuttafords at Rosebank and one of my lucky Twitter or Facebook followers will get to come along! Watch my Twitter and Facebook for the announcement later today!

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Outfit Of The Day - Red Alert



My body has been going through a bit of a shock since I got back from Russia; after all I came from a 30C heat into a freezing Joburg that has been having a cold front. My skin immediately starting acting out along with the rest of my body which started screaming “Take me back to summer now!”. So I am finding myself wrapping up into several layers of clothes to survive the cold. 

It’s true what they say, “One woman’s loss is another woman’s gain”. This doesn’t only apply when it comes to men, ladies! My friend Oksana purchased this coat from Guess about 3 years ago, but after a few outings with it, she decided that it just wasn’t for her. After all red is a bright colour and this style is not for everyone. The coat is absolutely gorgeous and even though she liked it on the rack, it didn’t grow into the heart at home. Oksana was going to take the coat back but I stepped in quick enough and got the coat for myself ;) It’s been getting a lot of love this winter and I am so happy that Oksana’s loss was my gain. I love this coat!

I went out for coffee with my friend Nazmira yesterday and as we were about to take the photos we spotted the Vida E Caffee right in front of us. How perfect for an all-red outfit! I love the vibe of these pictures- a European like street with a cute little red cafĂ© behind me. Oh so chic! Thank you for taking the photos Nazmira! Oh and my new Michael Kors handbag is getting its first appearance on the blog. This won’t be its last for a long time, so everybody welcome my Michael! ;)

PS If you are a tech nerd, did you ever play the “Red Alert “game that was very popular about 15 yeas back? ;) I use to play it with my cousin :)

Coat- Guess
Leggings- Topshop
Shoes- Aldo
Gloves- Woolworths
Bag- Michael Kors

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