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Lookbook- Ciao Milano!

Happy Tuesday beautiful people! It’s my last little bit of Italy on the blog today (for now) and I am quite sad that my Italian photo diaries are coming to an end! :( I’ve really loved sharing my trip with you guys, and Italy is definitely a place I would go back to. Especially Milan! Milan was my favourite city on our trip, and anyone I’ve said that to has been surprised. On our last day we took the train from Venice back to Milan (it takes about 3 hours) and from the moment I stepped out of the Milano Centrale station I knew it was my kind of city! [caption id="attachment_5003" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] I love the modern Milan![/caption] The reason as to why I liked Milan so much was simple for me to explain- I…

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Travel- Venetian Photo Diary

The second city that we visited in Italy has been on my bucket list for ages- Venice. I was always mesmerized by this stunning city that stands on water so after seeing some more of Verona in the morning, in the afternoon we headed off to Venice. The train ride from Verona to Venice is not a long one, just over an hour on the “faster” trains (there are slower ones that take almost 3 hours).  The first thing to know about Venice is that no cars or transport is allowed inside the city, so the only way to move around is to take a gondola or to walk. In hindsight it probably wasn’t the best idea to wear heels on the day given that we walked over 30 kms, but hey the heels…

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Lookbook- Letters to Juliet

My trip to Italy wasn’t a very long one but it was sure a very memorable one for me. There wasn’t a specific reason as to why I chose Italy out of the European countries this time around; I just really wanted to see it, Venice in particular. It was a very quick decision, one day I was just researching places to visit in Italy and the next day I booked my ticket to Milan. It made sense for me to also make a trip to Russia afterwards to visit my family, and so my mom and I planned to meet in Milan and then travel to Verona and Venice. Today I am sharing my post from Verona and a little photo diary of the beautiful city! :)   Verona was found back in the…