8 Reasons To Visit The One&Only Cape Town This Winter graphic

8 Reasons To Visit The One&Only Cape Town This Winter

I am a frequent hotel visitor- I am fortunate enough to travel often so in the past 2 years I have seen my fair share of hotels. Some were fancy, some were okay and some really just provided a bed to sleep in (literally at the place we stayed at in Barcelona the room had 3 beds in it and that was it).…

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Fun Things To Do In Cape Town

Our Mother City is incredibly gorgeous and I’m very sad that I don’t get to visit it often enough. Usually when I do visit I am there for work, so I am always in-and-out of the city and all I get to do is go for dinner. The last time I visited Cape Town properly was in 2012, and I did all of the touristy things- I went up the Table Mountain, went to see the seals, visited the penguins at Boulder Beach and shopped around at the V&A.…

Tintswalo at Waterfall graphic

Tintswalo at Waterfall

This year I’ve focused a lot on travel, and I don’t only mean international travel. As much as I love exploring the overseas countries, we have some amazing gems right here in South Africa as well! I am exploring our beautiful country bit by bit, and of the most recent finds for me was the beautiful Tintswalo at Waterfall hotel.…

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Outfit Of The Day- A Day In Cape Town

mrp my style


There is quite nothing like Mr. Price when it comes to hot fashion. I have been wearing their clothes since I can even remember, and while I don’t base my entire wardrobe from there, I have a lot of things that came from good old MRP. I especially love it for the seasons trendy fashion items- sometimes you are not sure if the trend is going to stick or not, but you still want to play with it without spending a fortune- that’s when I turn to Mr.…