Lookbook- Moscow Sky Line graphic

Lookbook- Moscow Sky Line

One of the things I love the most about visiting Moscow is seeing how the city evolves with my every visit. It is a city that never sleeps and honestly I love it and feel like it’s my second home even though I didn’t grow up there. I wouldn’t mind moving there permanently because of the city’s energy and endless opportunities.…

Moscow Travel Tips and FAQ graphic

Moscow Travel Tips and FAQ

moscow travel tips

As you guys might have noticed by now, I tend to visit Moscow quite frequently. My parents live there with my little brother and I usually go back there twice a year and they come here once or twice. Because I was still bon under USSR and my parents were too, Russian was the most common spoken language, and even though I grew up in the Ukraine (and my parents in Moldova) all of us were brought up speaking Russian as our first language.…

Outfit Of The Day- From Russia With Love graphic

Outfit Of The Day- From Russia With Love



Happy Friday guys! I am trying to settle into the cold winter here in South Africa as I reminisce about my recent trip. I’ve been to Moscow a few times now, but I remember the first time I went there in 2011- I was blown away by its beauty. With every visit I seemed to notice that beauty a little less, but this time I made the effort to photograph a little bit of it, because Moscow is stunning!…

Outfit Of The Day- It’s All In The Hat graphic

Outfit Of The Day- It’s All In The Hat




There is a Russian saying that goes “It’s all in the hat”, and what it means is that everything is good, and the thing/project you were working on had a great outcome. I quite like that saying, and I like hats plus I like the way these photos and the outfit came out, so lets say that it worked out because its all in the hat?:) I love the straw hat for the summer, and it can be worn here, there and everywhere don’t you think?…