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As you guys might have noticed by now, I tend to visit Moscow quite frequently. My parents live there with my little brother and I usually go back there twice a year and they come here once or twice. Because I was still bon under USSR and my parents were too, Russian was the most common spoken language, and even though I grew up in the Ukraine (and my parents in Moldova) all of us were brought up speaking Russian as our first language.…

Outfit Of The Day- From Russia With Love graphic

Outfit Of The Day- From Russia With Love



Happy Friday guys! I am trying to settle into the cold winter here in South Africa as I reminisce about my recent trip. I’ve been to Moscow a few times now, but I remember the first time I went there in 2011- I was blown away by its beauty. With every visit I seemed to notice that beauty a little less, but this time I made the effort to photograph a little bit of it, because Moscow is stunning!…

Outfit Of The Day- It’s All In The Hat graphic

Outfit Of The Day- It’s All In The Hat




There is a Russian saying that goes “It’s all in the hat”, and what it means is that everything is good, and the thing/project you were working on had a great outcome. I quite like that saying, and I like hats plus I like the way these photos and the outfit came out, so lets say that it worked out because its all in the hat?:) I love the straw hat for the summer, and it can be worn here, there and everywhere don’t you think?…

Outfit Of The Day- Romanov Lane graphic

Outfit Of The Day- Romanov Lane




Happy Monday guys! I hope you all had a great and relaxing weekend. I am absolutely loving the summer time here in Moscow, and I dread having to leave it soon and go back to the cold! I also really miss being able to walk on the streets- in South Africa we are pretty much in our cars all the time, and you never get to just enjoy walking around your city with a good cup of coffee.…