My trip to Italy wasn’t a very long one but it was sure a very memorable one for me. There wasn’t a specific reason as to why I chose Italy out of the European countries this time around; I just really wanted to see it, Venice in particular. It was a very quick decision, one day I was just researching places to visit in Italy and the next day I booked my ticket to Milan. It made sense for me to also make a trip to Russia afterwards to visit my family, and so my mom and I planned to meet in Milan and then travel to Verona and Venice. Today I am sharing my post from Verona and a little photo diary of the beautiful city! 🙂




Verona was found back in the 1st century BCE, so it really has been around for some time! 😉 My interested in the city lay mainly due to the tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet which was set in Verona. I read the play back in the 10th grade and I fell in love with the characters and the city. Of course Juliet’s house was one of the first things that I wanted to visit and I wanted to see the beautiful city. We arrived in Verona on Saturday afternoon and spend the evening exploring the Arena and the main square in the city. The town itself is actually quite small and you can easily walk through it in less than a day.



When we went to Casa Di Giulietta on Sunday morning, we got lucky with the fact that it had just opened and we were the only people there! We could take pictures without anyone bothering us, and take in the full view and the beauty of the place. It’s free to go into the courtyard and see Juliet’s statue however the entrance to her balcony will cost you 5 euros. As you walk in, the place is filled with love letters stuck and written on the wall, as lovers from all over the world come to Juliet’s house to leave love notes for her to answer. It’s quite a sweet gesture and I think it’s lovely for all of the romantics out there 🙂



I also read about a somewhat interesting tradition that if you touch her right breast (is it the bigger one? 😉 it will bring you love. Apparently her breasts have had to be replaced 3 times already because of people always rubbing them! I don’t know how true that is, and I chose to just simply hold her hand instead of touching her breast 😉 The courtyard itself is very beautiful and it really is very romantic and gives you a feel for the history of Verona and the place that inspired Shakespeare’s beautiful love story.



I wanted something very feminine and girly to meet Juliet and explore Verona in, and I found this perfect Ted Baker ensemble. I LOVE this beautiful blouse with cherries on it, for its pattern and for the shape- you can even tie a little bow around your neck for extra girl-iness 🙂 It went perfectly with this black midi skirt, and of course since Italy is one of the most fashionable countries sin the world, I had to bring my Louboutin babies. Verona was rather warm, so this outfit was perfectly suited to the weather. The touch of red in the outfit complimented the feeling of love that Verona has floating in the air 🙂



Here are some pictures of the beautiful city and its surroundings. I would recommend visiting Verona if you love exploring little towns and have a passion for Shakespeare.

Top and Skirt- Ted Baker at Stuttafords

Shoes- Christian Louboutin


The city is filled with little streets
The city is filled with little streets
Verona at night
Verona at night


The main square in Verona

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