With everything from indulgent African feasts to casual café snacks, you will find what you’re craving at the AVANI Victoria Falls Resort. The selection of international flavours and local specialities will satisfy the most particular palate at the AVANI restaurants, poolside or bed-side. We got to do some new and fun Food Experiences during our stay, all of which are available to all guests that are staying at AVANI. Celebrating a honeymoon and want a private dinner in the AVANI Gardens? Want to watch the sun set over the Victoria Falls while sipping on delicious cocktails? Or how about a tranquil breakfast at the bird hide? You can have all of these experiences and more at AVANI, and today I wanted to share with you all of the fun things that we got to do during our stay there. 🙂

Breakfast in the Bird Hide

This was probably my favourite food experience that I had at AVANI, and the one that I expected to like the least! I am not a morning person, so rising at 7 o’clock to go sit in a bird hide did not seem attractive to me-but it was amazing! The AVANI team sets up a table complete with breakfast overlooking the gorgeous lake and scenery and it is so tranquil and peaceful. We gave our hot breakfast orders in the day before, and on the morning it was there waiting for us along with pastries, salads and fresh coffee.

It is so beautiful at the bird hide and so tranquil- we sat there for a couple of hours watching the birds, and at around 9 o’clock the monkeys come through (apparently they sleep at the Royal Livingstone ha-ha) to climb the tress across the lake for their breakfast. It is perfect to do this early in the morning as the weather is still cool, and the whole area is quiet and peaceful. It’s a great start to your day and I would recommend this to families as well as couples!

Catch your own lunch!

Always wanted to go fishing for your lunch? Well now is your time! At AVANI, you can go fishing for your fresh lunch, which is something that many people would love! I have never fished before (although I have watched my dad do it many times) but I asked my friend Cass for some advice because she is a pro fisher. Needless to say I was still pretty useless at it but the lovely Myanda caught us the Zambezi Bream that we had for dinner later that evening- it was simply divine! After you catch your lunch you can have it straight away at the newly opened Sports Café(we just wanted to save it for later on that evening) where you can catch up on your sporting games and have a glass of beer/cocktail. Makes for a perfect lazy afternoon with a touch of adventure

Sundowners at Victoria Falls

What is more awesome than having cocktails as you watch the sunset over the majestic Victoria Falls? Nothing I tell you, nothing! This a new experience that AVANI is offering to their guests and it’s amazing. Victoria Falls is just a 5-minute walk from AVANI (and that walk is really inside the hotel itself) so the team comes to pick you up around 4:30(depending on the time of the year) to take you to view the sunset at the falls.

They arrange a little cocktail table for you overlooking the falls with a cocktail of your choice, and you get to enjoy the beautiful sunset and marvel at the view. It was such a cool experience; the falls are amazing as it is, but watching them while having a cocktail is even better!

Dinner in the AVANI Gardens

Want to treat yourself to the ultimate dining experience at AVANI? Then go for the spectacular dinner in the AVANI gardens. This is perfect for a honeymoon vibe, as you get a gorgeous table set-up for you in the gardens, overlooking the beautiful resort. The dinner is a 5-course delight, which can be adjusted to your dietary preferences. We had the butternut soup, chicken salad, a delicious rump steak, a Zambezi Bream and a citrus Tart accompanied by delicious red wine.

It is a lot of food, so come hungry! We barely got through three courses because everything was so delicious, we ate every little bit of it, so when it came time for the fourth course I was full (so pace yourself with this delicious meal! ;). The food is not overly fancy, but it’s delicious- it is good and honest food, exactly what you need for a Zambian Dinning Experience.

Traditional Boma Dinner

This is great for tourists and people that are new to exploring the African culture. The traditional dinner is held every Friday at The Boma (Boma, or “enclosure” in Swahili, comes from the days when tribesmen would cook and protect their communities) and it is a great taste of the African culture and Zambian food!

You get to taste traditional dishes like Oxtail, Kapenta Salad (which is a small sardine-like fish), Nshima(referred to in South Africa as pap or mealie meal) and Ifishashi(pounded peanuts that are mixed with vegetables). I am very adventurous when it comes to food and tried a bit of everything, while Steve is a lot more traditional and stuck with chicken and potatoes 🙂 Whether you want to try a bite of Zambia or stick to your usual flavours, the Boma dinner provides for any taste and preference.

There is also a great taste of culture with a live band and traditional dancing. Make yourself cosy in the charismatic scenery of the Mukuni Boma Village, directly overlooking Victoria Falls from the banks of the majestic Zambezi River. It is a true, African treat!

Breakfast at the Theatre of Food

Sometimes I wish that my job would be “Professional Breakfast Buffet Taster”, because I would be good at it. I LOVE a good buffet breakfast more than any other meal or a buffet. Why? Because there are so many options, and luckily at the AVANI Theatre of Food breakfast buffet I got exactly what I wanted. Firstly, a breakfast buffet must simply have an egg station, because I love making my own omelette. Secondly, a waffle or a pancake bar is necessary, and AVANI has a fab one.

Thirdly, I love the option of picking everything that I want and ordering it in- which is exactly what I did on the one morning! If you are a lover of wonderful hotel breakfasts, than AVANI will delight you!

Lunch by the Pool

Lastly, if you visiting AVANI for a chilled vacation, than I suggest you stop by the Poolside Grill and Bar. Dive in for chilled snacks and cocktails, perfect for a lazy Victoria Falls weekend. Kick back in the African sun and let your stresses wash away as the Pool Bar will have you feeling refreshed with poolside cocktails, sundowner drinks, or a quiet nightcap. The food is simple but just what you need- wood-fired pizzas baked in front of you ensure the freshest flavours, delicious burgers and fresh salads.

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