Happy (almost June) you guys! We are pretty much at the half-way point of 2016-isn’t that crazy? I suppose I have been keeping rather busy this year for it to start running away from me, and today I am sharing this last little bit of Mauritius on the blog with this boho meets the tropics outfit post!


I’ve been saying this on the blog for a while now, that lately I am really enjoying the very soft, boho vibes in my dressing. Note the “very soft” part because what I like about this trend is the vintage patterns and the easy-flow materials. This dress grabbed my eye at a recent Forever New opening at Mall Of Africa, because I’ve always wanted something flowy and boho inspired in my wardrobe. Plus just imagine how nice this dress will look in winter with thigh high boots and a felt hat!



Due to the multi seasonality of this dress (the material is not super light so it still keeps you warm, and it has a slip underneath it) I wore it while in Mauritius for a dinner. Where else but in Mauritius you can let loose and mix two very interesting trends together- boho and tropical! To add a touch of tropics to the look I added my “oh-so-fab” hat that I got at H&M last year- its totally too big and not at all practical, but if you are strolling around a luxurious hotel with your dress gently sweeping the sand, I think it can work 😉


I also added the bright tropical clutch, but maybe it’s a good idea to leave such bright colors off a vintage print. Again my hair could not be controlled, so I had to let it run loose in all its curly glory. I plan on shooting this boho inspired dress soon, but as a winter look instead and see what works best. What do you think- summer vibes with a huge hat, or bring on the winter with the stockings, boots and a felt hat? Guess we will have to see!



Dress- Forever New

Shoes- Nine West

Hat- H&M


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