I am a frequent hotel visitor- I am fortunate enough to travel often so in the past 2 years I have seen my fair share of hotels. Some were fancy, some were okay and some really just provided a bed to sleep in (literally at the place we stayed at in Barcelona the room had 3 beds in it and that was it). I am not easily blown away with a hotel room or hotel service, but boy did our stay at The One&Only Cape Town 2 weeks ago change all of that!

I was invited to stay at The One&Only for a night- I have heard of it before since my friend got married there a few years back and it looked beautiful from the photos but I want expecting anything special- oh how wrong I was about that! The One and Only redefines the meanings of hotel service, luxurious views and staycations, and it has firmly placed itself as my favourite hotel stay, ever.

We arrived at the hotel on a misty Saturday morning and were immediately greeted with a warm smile and excellent service. Even though check-in wasn’t until 2, we had a plan for the day and we wanted to check the place out a bit. It’s situated right in the V&A in the heart of Cape Town so it already wins points for its fab location.!

Even though we were right next to the V&A, we didn’t leave the hotel the whole day because there was so much to do within its facilities! If you are looking for a little romantic getaway with your partner, here are 8 reason why The One&Only Cape Town should be your number 1 choice for the perfect local(or international!) getaway or mini-break this winter season.

1. Breakfast at Reuben’s

Anyone who knows me knows that breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, and a breakfast buffet is always my buffet of choice (a lunch buffet is my worst, urgh). I am critical when it comes to a good breakfast buffet- I analyse how good the baked goods section is, how many different juices are on offer and how many choices of eggs you get(sometimes you only get the choice of a scrambled egg, what a disappointment).

But at Reuben’s, you get everything that your heart desires and more. Reuben Riffel’s first urban restaurant, showcases a menu that reflects a celebration of the Cape’s rich culinary heritage, embracing the ancient spice routes, the diversity of cultures that have influenced South African modern cuisine and the abundant fresh produce found along the shores and in the waters of our two oceans. We were fortunate enough to have dinner here as well, but the breakfast blew my mind!

The buffet section offers anything and everything- fancy some oysters and champagne for breakfast? Fresh bagels with salmon?

A yogurt jar with smarties? Anything and everything that your heart desires is available at Reuben’s!

As for the eggs, you can order a variety from the A-La-Carte menu so they are freshly prepared for you (at no extra charge). We also decided to indulge in some waffles and pancakes, because why not?

You won’t be disappointed with this breakfast selection and the food at Reuben’s impressed the picky breakfast buffet person that I am. So delicious and highly recommended!

2. The One&Only Spa

Ah I love a good spa. A spa treatment is the best gift that you can give me, and I try and spoil myself every other month with a massage or a mani-pedi. I was treated to a facial at The One&Only Spa and while the facial took about an hour, I could have actually spent hours at this spa!

The facilities are excellent- just the hydro pool and the 2 different steam rooms had me wanting to stay at the spa for hours. The treatment was great as well, and after it I was led to what it called a “Relaxation Lounge” at the spa.

It had me shook, I have never seen something so great in a spa before! The lounge consists of a “Detox” and an “Indulge” section where at the Detox section you can treat yourself to some green juices, healthy snacks and little servings of salad and yogurt.

However in the “Indulge” section you can spoil yourself with champagne, Lindt truffle balls, cupcakes and anything delicious! You can pick you treats or your healthy snacks and go and chill in one of the allocated beds. We had some lovely tea and snacks while relaxing after our treatments.

The spa also has a fab outside section where you can lounge around in the sunshine. I could have spent the whole day at the spa, and I can’t wait to visit it again!

3. The luxurious rooms overlooking the Table Mountain

Cape Town is generally a very gorgeous city with views to boot. Living in Johannesburg my frequent views are those of apartment buildings or the suburbs, so whenever I visit Cape Town, I try and take in the views as much as I can. I have my breakfast facing the mountain, I like to take walks around it, and really stare at its beauty any chance that I get.

If you are like me, then the views from the rooms at The One&Only will blow you away. The whole hotel is facing the Table Mountain, with Signal Hill in your side vision, and even when the mountain is covered by the clouds it still makes for one breath-taking view. We stayed in one of the Marina Rooms and the balcony with this gorgeous view is just beyond words.

The actual hotel room is also amazing- spacious and welcoming. Every guest here gets welcomed with a hand-written note and a complimentary bowl of fruit. The bathroom is also very lovely and have a look at this luxurious bath tub (not in the tough water restrictions times now, but it’s still pretty to look at)!

The room felt spacious and yet so welcoming and the fluffy bed is just the cherry on the top.

4. The Neo Boutique

Because I was packing for Cape Town in a bit of a rush, I left a few items that I needed behind (truthfully they were in the wash and I forgot where they were). After receiving our itinerary on the day, I was stumbled as to what to wear for the high tea- I completely forgot to pack a nice dress to go out in in the afternoon. Luckily the lovely staff pointed me towards the Neo Boutique which is situated inside the One&Only. It has a collection of some beautiful items- hello Christian Louboutin shoes, fit for any occasion. There were bikinis and beach dresses, beautiful dresses and fancy outfits for a night out. I picked this pretty dress from Issa (also known as Kate Middeltons engagement dress designer) for the high tea and it was super convenient that I didn’t have to rush off to the V&A to get a dress, and could get one right in the hotel.

5. The  Afternoon Tea

As an avid lower of pastries and teas, I was excited to see this slotted into our itinerary for the day. This was my first high tea experience in Cape Town but I am no stranger to an afternoon tea- I ate and drank my way through Joburg’s most recommended high tea spots.

The afternoon tea at The One&Only is served at the Vista bar where you can get cozy on the couch and enjoy the view. There is very light live music playing in background (who doesn’t love the sound of the sax), and the whole vibe is very chilled and relaxed. The tea is served buffet style and offers a variety of savoury and sweet options.

The cheesecake was to die-for and I am still dreaming about those macaroons! The actual tea selection is also fabulous- you can choose from over 20 different kinds of tea. As someone who considers herself a bit of a tea snob (I am Russian after all, and tea runs in our blood), I approve of the selection that the One&Only provides- my favourite were the Sakura and the Flower Gate options.

It makes for one delightful afternoon and I would recommend this for any birthday, bridal shower or just as relaxed treat for yourself.

6. The Private Cocktail Experience

The One&Only is all about creating luxurious experiences and memories for you, and our private cocktail session at The Vista Bar was just that. We were treated to a mini master class (and lots of drinks) from World Class Cocktails- they arrange this little cocktail cart just for you and the lovely mixologist walks you through his selection of cocktails.

It was the perfect entre to the evening- we were served 3 different cocktails, each different and equally delicious. Mixology is really an art as our mixologist showed us, blending the cocktail ingredients in just the right way.

To finish off our cocktail experience he really put on a show with the last cream and Kahlua based cocktail- he made our cocktail smoke (or vape if you will have it ;)). A real piece of art, and of course it was so much fun!

You can learn how to make the entire cocktail and even make one yourself- better start practicing shaking that cocktail shaker! This is great for team building or a friends get-together.

7. The food! The food! The food!

I you followed my Insta stories on the day that when we stayed at the hotel, you might have seen a lot of food. I promise that we did more than just eat that day, but we did have 4 amazing meals that day, so the food is a big reason for me to come back to The One&Only! I already chatted about breakfast at Reuben’s that’s a must-do, and besides Reuben’s, The One&Only boasts some of the best restaurants in Cape Town such as Nobu and Isolas.

We were treated to a divine lunch at Isolas overlooking the gorgeous infinity pool (the biggest nifty pool in the Southern Africa). Even with the weather being in the colder side in the winter months, the beautiful views and the warm sunshine provide for one pleasant afternoon at Isolas.

I also already chatted about the high tea (and I’m still dreaming of that cheesecake) and the set dinner at Reuben’s topped of our culinary delight experience. At Reuben’s they also serve only the best local wines, which was another reason as to why we loved the restaurant so much. The culinary experience at The One&Only was one of the best that I have ever experienced, so if you are a foodie at heart, this is your ultimate heaven!

8. The 5- Star Service

Good service is something that you often expect from a 5 star hotel but you don’t often get. I think I’ve grown so accustom to mediocre service that I get shocked when the service we get is good. The staff at The One&Only actually research their guests and get to know their faces and names. Everyone from the driver, to the restaurant staff greats you by name and with a smile.

There is even a pillow menu incase your pillow is too hard or you need a hypo allergic one. The staff were incredibly friendly and professional, attending to our every need. I honestly haven’t experience service like this since I visited Dubai a couple of years back, and it had me shook! You don’t have to be a celebrity or a VIP at The one and only to get great service- you are a VIP there!

After spending a full day and a night at The One&Only I am dying to go back, and I suggest that you guys put this on your immediate travel plans! The beauty of The One&Only is that you don’t even have to leave the hotel to get amazing food, shop, have fun and feel ultimately relaxed. Check out their website for more information and pricing and I hope that you enjoyed this post as much as I loved writing it!

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