If I had to choose my favourite make-up product, it would definitely be a lipstick. I cannot get enough of this stuff! I mean sure I love mascara, blush and eye shadows but pretty lipsticks are my vice. At a recent Blogger Who Bless meet-up Alessia (my trusty blog correspondent) and I received these pretty babies in a gift bag. I have been eyeing them out at my local drug store for a while, so I was interested to see what this liquid lipstick is all about.

The Packaging and The Applicator
The packaging is kept simple and effective. It is a rectangular tube and you can see the colour through it. It has the name at the front and the individual shade names at the back. The applicator is made of foam and was fairly easy to use. As usual with such bright colours I always suggest using a lip liner first to stop the lipstick from bleeding.

The Colours
The range consists of eight colours of which two were nudes,two reds, two peaches and two fuchsias. We got the Ole Flamingo!(5) and Pink Pong(6)  shades. Both look like the colour of delicious berries in the tube, and even more stunning once on your lips.
The Texture
Once the liquid dries on your lips it turns into a perfect matte finish-I am in love! In general I adore matte finish lipsticks- they tend to last longer and have a more vibrant presence. The formula of the Rouge Edition Velvet liquid lipsticks is very liquid but it is potent! The colour pay-off is un-real- it is exactly how it looks in the tube.
The Lasting Power
A fair warning- these babies will stay on your lips the WHOLE day. I put mine on at about 10am and by 5 pm the colour was still intact. It is not easy to get off- here is a swatch after I tried taking them off with a tissue. So you would need a good make-up remover or a face-wipe to get the colour off properly. On the plus side- you can be kissing the whole day and no need to re-apply your lipstick! 😉
The only precaution I have about these lipsticks is if you have dry lips. Although the formula does not flake at all, no matter how many layers you put on, I know your lips might feel like they are “burning” if they are dry. I suggest exfoliating before putting on the lipstick and adding a layer of lip balm underneath- it won’t make the matte formula show up any less.

Here are Allesias thoughts on the lipsticks :
” This little baby is definitely the new era of lipsticks and the bolder the better I say. It seems at first glance as a lipgloss but when applied you will be amazed by this light weight formula that has a matte finish. If you looking for something that lasts long and is highly pigmented then look no further. One swab of this smooth velvety lipstick and you there is no need to reapply for the rest of the day. I really enjoyed how soft this product was on my lips and of course I loved the colour, Pink Pong. “
Pick one up at your nearest drug store such as Clicks and Dischem and find out if you like them just as much as we do! They retail at R125 and are really worth it.

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