I know I am totally late to the party here, but I am obsessed with Candy Crush! When my friends started playing it and invited me on Facebook to “Play Candy Crush With Them” I told everyone that if I ever get an invite like that, they are blocked off my page. But while travelling and being bored at the airport whilst waiting for my flight, I stupidly downloaded the game and now I can’t stop! So todays outfit is maybe not candy colours, but it’s all about pastels- one of my favourite trends for spring!
Recently I went on a shopping spree with Woolworths (oh yeah) and picked up some gorgeous items for spring and summer. Their new flagship store is all kinds of amazing, but it can be a little overwhelming when you are shopping and not sure what to buy because there is so much choice! Not to worry, I have a trend post about my summer picks from Woolworths coming your way when the blog re-launches on the 20th of October. One of the items I picked up were these gorgeous lavender lace shorts. They also have them in white, but since I really love pastels, these ones caught my eye!
Wearing pastels is really easy because you only need one item like the shorts to make a statement, and then you can wear just plain white or black with it. But since I am crushing on pastels, I decided to go all out! I paired the shorts with a pastel yellow blouse, mint blazer and a beige handbag. I love strappy heels like these ones, and I think every girl should have a collar like this one at home, because it immediately takes any blouse from geek to chic! Soft curls and my Vogue sunnies completed the look here. Jerri and Leanne helped me take the pictures at The Maslow Hotel and while everyone at the hotel was staring at us for shamelessly taking photos on the middle of the lawn, hey you can’t stop the fashion bloggers! 🙂
Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!
Blouse- Cotton On
Shorts- Woolworths
Blazer- Forever New
Collar- Mr.Price
Heels- Legit
Sunglasses- Vogue
Bag- Guess

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5 thoughts on “Outfit Of The Day – Pastel Crush”

  1. I was also hopelessly addicted to Candy Crush. I started playing it but never linked it to my FB profile, I managed to get to level 280 then all that was wiped away when I upgraded my phone. Yes I had to start from scratch! I then decided to download and start playing it on my Ipad I finally got to 270ish before it was stolen!!! That pretty much ended my addiction because no way am I starting from the beginning a third time.

    I really love those shorts and how do you get your hair so bouncy and perfect?!

    XoXo One Stiletto At A Time

  2. I LOOOOOVE these pastel shorts – must get my hands on a pair! I also got hooked on Candy Crush a few months ago – I couldn’t stop! I’d find myself playing Candy Crush first thing in the morning the minute I woke up! 🙂

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