Hello guys! I have spoken about the 27Pinkx brand over here before and mentioned their amazing organizers and brushes. I also mentioned that 27Pinkx now stocks make-up and was lucky enough to review some of the make-up products! The beautiful sisters send me over a “These Naughty Nudes” eye-shadow pallet and a “Blush, Bronzer and Higlighter” palette to try out. Instead of just doing the swatches of the products, I teamed up with the beautiful sisters Nazmiraand Rowena for a bit of a make-up tutorial. I am not brave enough for YouTube just yet, so this is a pictorial. Nazmira is a wonderful make-up artist who turned me from scary (yes see the pictures) to pretty and Rowena helped us out by shooting these pics! And bonus- there is a giveaway at the end of the post!

Now I am not even going to lie to you- I look scary without make-up in winter. While in summer I have a tan and a bit of a glow, in winter I look like a dragon lady. I need a bit of foundation and eye shadow and some blush to look like a human. This is a very easy and simple tutorial that works lovely for a day look or a night look if you add some extra lipstick.
What We Used:

27 Pinkx Brushes

To make it easier for the tutorial I have numbered the brushes. Please note that Chicara named them, and we followed most of her instructions on the brushes 🙂

1.Blush Brush
2.Foundation Brush
3.Angled(Eye-liner) Brush
4.Black flat brush(can also be used as a concealer brush)
5.Lip Brush
6.Contouring brush
7.Small Blending Brush
8.Big Blending Brush
9.Small white flat brush
10.Pencil Brush
“These Naughty Nudes” eye shadow palette

This is a very neutral and classic palette. It contains ten shades, five of which are matte and five are sparkly. The texture of the shades is very buttery and the colour pay-off is great (see swatches below). I have also numbered the shades for the tutorial so you know which one to use. I love that there are some very quiet, neutral shades that you can use while at work and varsity, but the palette also contains some stunning stand-out shades that you can use for a stronger look.

Swatches of the first row(left) and the second row(right)

“Blush,Bronzer and Higlihter” Palette

This is a great investment in your make-up bag! Again this palette has ten shades which you can use as a blush, to highlight and to contour. I don’t know how to contour yet (watch this space), but I have been using and loving the blush shades. You can even use the first five shades as eye shadows- this palette is super versatile!

Swatches of the first row(left)and the second row(right)

“Eat Your Heart Out” Lip Palette
We used Nazmiras’ lip palette and unfortunately I do not have swatches for it. But once again it has ten versatile shades, and you can see in the tutorial that the texture of the lip products is between a lipstick and a lipgloss (sort of like a lip stain)
I am very brave to share my bare and untanned face with you in these pictures so don’t judge too harshly 😉
Step 1
To prep the face we used a bit of my Dermalogica moisturizer and Shadow Shields. You know how annoying it is when you are doing your eye make-up but the shadows fall of during application and cover your cheeks and the area under your eye (I especially experience this with MAC pigments). Shadow Shields helps to prevent that. A box of Shadow Shields contains 30 under-eye patches that you apply before doing your make-up. After you are finished, you simply remove them and your face is clean. Look at the picture after Step 5 to see why these little guys are so helpful! 27 Pinkx is now stocking these so you can contact them or Nazmira for more information.
Using a concealer or foundation brush (2) brush, conceal the entire eye up to the brow bone.
Apply translucent powder over the entire eye area
Step 2

Apply B2 (light pink) “base” coat all over the eye using the black flat brush (4)

Step 3

Apply A2 (darker creamy shade) in your crease line – outside in, only half way with flat brush (4)

Step 4

Eye shadow work using the blending brush (8):
Apply A4 (darker gold) over the entire eye ball area, leaving the inner corner untouched
Step 5

Apply A5 (bronzy pink) way in the eye – always outside in (!) using the white flat brush (9)

Step 6

Apply B4 (dark brown) in the outer corner of the eye to give it some depth depending how dark you want it.

Step 7

Apply A1 on the brow bone and inner corner of the eye to highlight the area using the white flat brush (4)
Step 8

Add a thin layer of A2 to crease line to warm up the eye using the flat black brush(4)
Now onto the bottom part of the eye
Using the black flat brush (4)
 Step 9

Working from the outside in – working from dark to light
Apply A5 in the outer corner of the eye

Step 10

Apply A3 from where you stopped with A5 to the centre

Step 11

Apply A1 around the tear duct area

Step 12

Apply gel liner in black with the angled eye-liner brush (3)

Step 13

Apply lots of mascara, several layers building it up to look thick and full
Apply Foundation and concealer using the foundation brush (2)

Step 14
Contour using A4 in the blush palette using the contour brush (6) .
Cheeks: Apply a pinky blush to the apples of the cheek and blend out using the blush brush (1). We used a mixture of B3 and B4

Step 15

Apply red lipstick from the lip palette using the lip brush (5)

  And here was the final result

Shew! Seems like a lot of work but if you follow these easy steps, the eye-shadow part will take about 10 minutes, and the rest of the face(depending on how much you want to contour) about 15 minutes. This is a more of a “night out” look but you can tone it down depending on how much eye shadow and lip colour you use.
So what do you think? Now for the good news is that, we have also teamed up to give one of you a set of the pretty pink brushes from 27Pinkx! Now you can also learn how to do this look, and you will have the right tools to use it too! 🙂

Enter via Rafflecopter below and the competition will run from today(4th of June) until the Monday night(9th of June). The great news also is that I have decided to make this giveaway international, because the brushes are not big and I don’t mind shipping them overseas!

What are you still waiting for? Good Luck!

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  1. Thanks for the mention. 🙂 Your makeup looks beautiful! I use the big fluffy black one for powder, which I labeled as a powder brush on my post. But it works well for blusher too. 😉 The white brush is best suited for contouring, but saw that 27pinkx called it their blush brush so that’s another use.

    Great post Rina! So, where are the ‘dragon lady’ pics? Don’t see any.

  2. Awesome love the end pictures they very stunning 🙂 love the ”Eat Your Heart Out” Lip Palette and “Blush,Bronzer and Higlihter” Palette coiours…least I learnt how to do the bottom part of the eye 🙂 The 27 Pinkx Brushes are really lovely

  3. what a marvellous giveaway ! i desperatly want this giveaway as this is the first time i have entered in a giveaway contest n i m in desperate need of a brush set coz i dont have one 🙂

  4. What a beautiful and colorful palette you have! I wish I can practice with this as well. I recently bought eyeshadows for my practice, but a good set of brush will be lovely to use as well!

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