fossil calling all curious

We actually shot this lookpost, as part of the 70’s Revival post, but I liked these pictures with the watch so much, I had to share them with you! I am the first person to tell you, that I have never been a “watch” person. Having something constantly on my arm usually irritates me and even though I own a few beautiful watches already, I still never used to wear them. When I signed up or the Fossil “Calling All Curious” collaboration, it was a little bit of a concern for me- a girl who doesn’t like to wear watches is going to wear them now? Well as I found out, that was all because I haven’t met “the” watch yet!

fossil calling all curious


Its like with finding a boyfriend, when you find “the one” you just know! I picked this baby out myself, and I can’t even tell you why I liked it at first. My usual style is very girly and feminine, and this is a rather bulky watch with a small leather strap. Its actually called “The Original Boyfriend Watch” and you can see why, as there are hints of masculinity in it. I have been wearing it non-stop the past month, and it safe to say that I have found “the one” when it comes to watches!


I also love how these pictures came out, Keagan did such a great job! What do you think of the watch? You can take a look at it over here!


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