There is a Russian saying that goes “It’s all in the hat”, and what it means is that everything is good, and the thing/project you were working on had a great outcome. I quite like that saying, and I like hats plus I like the way these photos and the outfit came out, so lets say that it worked out because its all in the hat?:) I love the straw hat for the summer, and it can be worn here, there and everywhere don’t you think?




Often I am not sure about an item before purchasing it, and go back and forth-should I or shouldn’t I? A few times I have made the wrong choice and have purchased something and then ended up hating it! And vise versa, I have regretted not buying something when I saw it, and then missing out forever. This was almost the case with this gorgeous River Island jumpsuit- I tried it on at the store opening last year, and I loved how it looked but it had a student-heavy tag of R900. I decided to get it after much deliberation, and I am so glad that I did! I absolutely love and wear it all the time.A lot of people tell me that they think its actually shorts and a top, but nope its all one!:)



Also, this pair of nude heels is everything. My legs aren’t really that long are they? I am sure it’s just the shoes!:) I really like using this Anni King backpack for traveling and for running around town- its really comfy but also so stylish!:) And you don’t look like a typical tourist in the city, or maybe just a very fashionable one 😉


Jumpsuit- River Island


Bag-Anni King




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