I’m back! 🙂 I feel like my life just hasn’t stopped since August and this month has been no different. I have been knee-deep in my studies over the last three weeks, and have only just recently finished writing all of my tests and overcoming another round of the flu. I am back on schedule now and have a few relaxing weeks ahead, so I hope to be blogging almost every day! I have a lot of reviews and outfits scheduled so I will be more present from now on! 🙂

Yes I am 23 now, you may start referring to me as “granny”. Hehe:)
Recently (well a few weeks ago anyway) I turned 23. While it is not such a significant age in one’s life, like say 21 is, I am very hopeful that my 23rd year of life will be my best year yet. I have learnt a lot of things about myself and life in general while being 22 and although I’m am not yet where I would like to be in life, I know I am on my way there.

With my gorgeous girlfriends.

I had the most wonderful day which I spend with my close friends. It’s always a little tough not having my family here on my birthday, but le boyfriend and my girlfriends always make me feel loved and special. As I am a lover of tea and desserts, I wanted to have a high tea for my birthday, so I invited my best girlfriends to join me at the Melrose Arch  “Fire and Ice” Hotel for an afternoon of fun. I must say : the tea was spectacular. There was so much food, and all of it was so, so delicious! 
I cut all four of “my” birthday cakes. Because why the hell not.
If you ever thinking of having a high tea for any occasion- “Fire and Ice” is the way to go! The price was very reasonable (R155 per person) and the tea was served for four hours from 2pm until 6pm. I instructed all of my friends to eat as much as they possibly could( in fact I think I said something in the lines of, “If you don’t eat- you are not my friend anymore”) and we all basically rolled out of the hotel when we were done.
We went back to my house where my girlfriend’s better halves and all of mine and le boyfriend’s guy friends were waiting for us to start the party. Steve made the most delicious Mojito Jars (my favourite drink) for everyone and braaied up some rib burgers, and we all sat around playing 30 seconds and chatting away( the girls did anyway, the guys played Xbox as usual).
Sitting on my “throne” at the tea.
I got so spoiled by everyone, and got my long awaited Nespresso machine from Steve. The day just reminded me of how blessed I am in life <3. I also want to say a huge thank you to my Twitter bugs and my followers for wishing me a happy birthday on the day; it really meant so much to me!
What I wore on the day : Oasis Peach and Lace Dress(Purchased in Moscow), Steve Madden Shoes and Forever New clutch
Anyway, away from the sob stories now and onto my other “blogging” news : I have recently been featured on two websites.
Kathryn interviewed me for her “What I…” blogger series, check out her awesome blog and my interview over here.
Collage from my interview with “Becoming You” blog.
Also, I attended the Taste of Joburg and you can read my review about the event on The Magnifying Glass over here.
Some snaps from Taste Of Joburg
The lovely Verushka from Spice Goddess has nominated me for the Liebster award, which I am incredibly grateful for! I will get onto answering the questions, and nominating my own blogs this week.
I hope everyone has been having an awesome week so far, I look forward to catching up with everyone this week!

Until then

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  1. I just realised that all the comments I made from my phone didn’t go through 🙁
    First of all, you are absolutely gorgeous! You also looked gorgeous.
    So glad you had a lovely birthday. How amazing is that high tea? I might have to do the same for my next birthday!

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