Happy Monday guys! I hope you all had a lovely and warm weekend- the weather in Joburg is freezing, I find myself having to pile on layers just to try to keep warm. Over the weekend I had an exciting little celebration- my blog turned 2 years old! I started “I’ll Take It All” 2 years ago, and it has been quite a journey. The first year of it went rather quickly as I was just getting to know the industry and everything was new and exciting. The second year however was for learning and really growing- and yay for I’ll Take It All turning 2!


I have learnt a lot over the past 2 years, but of course still I have so much left to master! I am in no means an expert in blogging- most days I still don’t know what the hell I am doing. So when I wanted to write a post for newbie bloggers or the readers wondering what they can learn from my experience, I had to think long and hard. All I could come up with (that didn’t sound snotty:)) are these few things that I learnt over the past two years.This has just been my personal experience, if you are a blogger you might have had a totally different experience to mine! Everything is different for every person, but here it goes- the 5 things that I learnt from blogging over the past 2 years.


You have to start somewhere


In order for the journey to begin, you need to start it! I played with the idea is blogging for over a year before I finally started I’ll Take It All. I did my reserach(and by means of research I mean I read other blogs who I aspired to), and my two biggest inspirations were Brett Robson, and Superficial Girl. I loved their blogs and read them religiously(still do), and finally after a year, I decided to take the plunge. Right now I can’t imagine my life if I didn’t take that leap of faith!

You get better with every post


You really do! The blog is also a bit like my “virtual scrapbook” and when I was looking back at it over the weekend, I looked back at my old posts. Goodness me, how bad were the grainy photos and the styling? But the good thing is, you grow from every post and every experience .You get a little better with your writing, a little better with your photo taking and a little better in general. The only way is up and the only time you should look back is to see how far you have come.

You want to make money and review the latest products? You better work b!tch;)

Nothing in this life comes free. Nothing in the blogging world comes free. All of those amazing press drops that you see all over the social media- that’s not a gift, that’s work. Long, hard work of reviewing the product for at least a few weeks, taking photos, editing and writing, publishing and then promoting it on social media. It can take days for me to write a post, and it can be gruelling. Nothing has come easy to me, and while I do enjoy the luxury of knowing what the latest trends are and reviewing the latest beauty products- it is very little play and a lot of work. Oh I know what you are thinking” What a spoiled brat, complaining about the fact that she gets all these products ;)”. But behind the pretty blog pictures that come out, there is me sitting untill 3 o’clock in the morning editing them and doing the write-up. Same goes for the fashion part-no pair of shoes or a fancy handbag is ever given to you “free”. And when it comes to actual cash dollar that you are getting paid, it is proper, hard work with deadlines, and a billion email going back and forth. Blogging is a full-time job even when I try to keep it as a hobby, and as Britney said- “You Better Work, B!tch”.;)

When its good, it’s really good, but when its bad, its bad.


I feel like this applies to any job/real life situation. You get your highs and you get your lows. One of my biggest highlights was the trip to Dubai in April. I mean a 5-star trip where everything was paid for, does it get any better? However when I came back home I lost out on an exciting campaign to a fellow blogger. Of course I was upset- how can you not be? But this is why I always say, you have to blog for yourself first, and for all of the perks after- because if you don’t, getting back up from that low is not going to be easy or manageable. I get up after every low and carry on working and doing what I love- posting outfit photos, socializing and reviewing products. And sometimes, just having my blog is all the high that I need.

It’s a fantastic opportunity.

For me, starting a blog was an escape from my studies. Of course I had some hopes and dreams for it, but I never imagined that it would bring me what it did- a new set of friends, a chance to travel a bit(I went to Cape Town twice this year already and prior to that I have only visited CT once before in my life), a pretty wardrobe, a whole room of beauty products, and something that I can call my own. I’ll Take It all is really like my little child, and I guess I will always think of it as my first-born(I know, not the same, but I don’t have kids yet so ;)). Its my pride and joy, and while in the beginning my friends and family were very sceptical about what the hell I am doing, now my mom tells about it to all of her friends, and my boyfriend tries to explain to his friends how awesome it is that I do it. I don’t know what I’ll Take It All will bring for me in the future. But I am sure it will be something fantastic 🙂


Enough with the heavy stuff, lets celebrate! Up next I have a R5000 birthday hamper up for grabs to say thank you to all of my wonderful readers and for the amazing support that I have experienced over the past 2 years. Just let me grab some tea quick 🙂



46 thoughts on “Happy Birthday I’ll Take It All! What I’ve Learnt Over The Past 2 Years”

  1. Congratulations!
    What a great post Irina. You’re smart and inspiring and have channelled these gifts into a terrific blog.
    What I know about fashion is scary, but you’ve done a fantastic job. More power to you!

  2. Congrats! I enjoy your blog and your’s is one of only 2 which I do not miss out on! Hope you will have lots more birthdays and please do not STOP!

  3. Happy birthday to I’ll Take It All! I don’t know you outside of social media, but you come across as a hard working and genuine girl and your blog reflects that ethic. Congratulations and best wishes for the next year – may you continue to grow 🙂

  4. Thank you so much Nadia, and I really do hope to meet you outside the social media world one day 🙂 Maybe next time I am in CT we can got or a coffee :)xxx

  5. Congraulations and Happy Birthday on your Blog!! It’s an achievement no doubt! keep going from strength to strength, we need you!! i love your outfit too! 🙂

  6. A huge congratulations and well done. I love blogs particularly South African blogs as I can relate and I can source the products easily. I think it is extremely hard work so I really admire all who do it as it does reflect on the blog. Keep up the splendid work and I look forward to seeing what your blog has in store… nothing short of fabulousness, I guess.

  7. Thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog,as well as other SA blogs!:) I try and keep my readers as informed as I can, and if you ever have any product questions, please feel free to pop me an email!:)

  8. Dear Irina
    I’ve said it on twitter and I’ll say it again…really inspirational! I enjoy reading your blog.
    Not only do I echo the positive sentiments above, but it’s like you’re in my head and just answered some of my questions in this post.
    Blogging is for the brave and you make it look so easy. Stay as sweet and humble as you are. Here’s to reading lots more on “I’LL TAKE IT ALL”.

  9. Thank you so much for your amazing words! You gonna make me tear up a little here 🙂 Blogging isn’t easy but with readers like you, it makes the journey a little less harder!:) xxx

  10. Congratulation! I recently discovered your blog and check it daily! Such an inspiration for ladies looking to live a fabulous life. I’m in the playing-with-the-idea of blogging. Maybe one day! Keep going – love your blog!

  11. I am busy catching up with all my blog reading – Happy 2nd Birthday I’ll Take It All! Such a fantastic blog – something you should really be proud of Irina. Loved this post and all the insight you gave to the readers….it is A LOT of work. Congratulations on all that you have achieved and I am sure you still have a very long and successful blogger life ahead of you XXX

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