My trip to Russia this time was short and sweet.I usually visit Moscow twice a year for three weeks or so but due to my varsity schedule this year I could only go for ten days.So I packed my bag full of presents and warm clothes and off I went.

In my ten years of travelling I was lucky enough to never experience one thing- a delay. My planes have always been on time and I got to my destinations with plenty of time to spare and shop around. But this time, it was not meant to be. My connection from Dubai was an hour and a half and due to Emirates delaying the plane from Johannesburg by an hour, I did not make my flight to Moscow. I was supposed to leave Dubai at nine in the morning but ended up only leaving at six that evening.I was given a visa and a hotel room where I enjoyed some spicy spring rolls and attempted to do some sight-seeing. It was so incredibly hot though, all I could manage was a couple of minutes outside.

Left to right : My hotel room in Dubai, enjoying some spring rolls, outside my hotel.

When I eventually got to Moscow, I spend the first weekend with my family. My brother just went to the sixth grade and he is getting so big so quickly!

My cutie pie of a brother.

I spend a lot of time with my mom which was great and we took some outfit photos (see here) and enjoyed delicious Russia food.
Left to right : The famous Borz, delicious rice porridge, my favourite cake that my mom made.
I also had my mom’s friend, who is an amazing photographer take photos of me for my upcoming outfit post! She also took some beautiful pics of my mom and I, and here is a sneak peak! 🙂 Rest of the photos coming this week
Amongst my numerous shopping trips, we also visited the Museum of Moscow History and an exhibition of Russian fashion through the past 2 centuries, which was so awesome!
At the exibition of Russian fashion.
Outside the museum.
We went to the Red Square which was a bit crazy because the day that we chose to go, was the day of the mayor elections and also the day of Moscow (also known as City Day).
The Red Square
Due to the celebrations of “City Day” there were a lot of fun things, vintage markets and art galleries set up all over town. We went walking through the parks and enjoyed the beauty that Moscow had to offer that day.
Admiring the art work outside in the park.
Shopping at a vintage market.
As usual, I felt like my trip went by very quickly. It’s always bitter sweet for me to leave because even though I’m going to miss my family I also have my own life here with my cute kitties and le boyfriend. They will be coming down in December and I can’t wait! 🙂
Also, I recently did a travel post on The Magnifying Glass about Moscow, so if you would like to know a little more about this gorgeous city and Russia in general click over here!:)

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