Every dress has a story, and now this little lace dress from Tally Weijl has its own one as well! I got this dress from their Mall Of Africa store just before going to Spain with every intention of wearing it on a night out for a party. It’s so beautiful- it’s classy but yet very sexy because of all of the lace touches. I love the long sleeves as it’s so feminine, and the details around the back, so what could have been more perfect than this dress in Barcelona?


We did all of our booking through Booking.com as it’s usually pretty accurate and well-priced. Because there were 3 of us travelling and we wanted to share the duties, everyone was assigned a certain part of the trip to book. I booked our stay in Madrid, which turned out to be lovely. When I book I mainly look at the location, having learnt this lesson in Paris when we booked a beautiful hotel but then had to walk for over an hour to catch a glimpse of the Eifel Tower. However, Alessia (my best friend) was still to learn this lesson and not knowingly she booked us in for Barcelona at a hotel 40 minutes out of the city!


I was all dressed and ready to take pictures of this gorgeous dress on the streets of Barcelona, but with every turn that the taxi kept making, I couldn’t help but laugh- there was very little city to the place we were heading to! After a 40 minutes’ drive and a 50 euros cost we ended up somewhere past Badalona beach (which is way past Barcelona), and there was me in my little lace dress waiting to take photos!



It turned out to be a beach resort of sorts for newlyweds and married couples. Nevertheless the Spanish trio made the most of it and I am not one to waste a good outfit, so we ended up taking these photos inside the little hotel. The hotel inside was lovely and very posh (which is obviously why Alessia picked it 😉 so the surroundings ended up fitting in with the dress. I’m glad we still managed to capture this beautiful dress and while it’s now been to Barcelona and Badalona, next time I’m taking it out somewhere in Joburg!


After we took the pics we changed into our bikinis and took many selfies! We had fun on our little Badalona adventure nevertheless!


Dress- Tally Weijl

Bag- Forever New

Shoes- Dune



And of course, the Spanish trio!


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