Fragrance is such a special and intimate thing that often once you’ve found your signature scent, you tend to stick to it. If you follow me anywhere on social media you would know that I always go on about my favourite fragrance (of all time ;)) – Si by Giorgio Armani. I am so obsessed with its sweet and sensual scent so much that anytime someone asks me what I want as a gift, I often say the Si Fragrance! Even though I have so many of them already, I like to stock up on it in fears that it will one day run out 😉 Today I am sharing with you the latest addition to the Si fragrance family- the brand new Si Le Parfum.


In the continuity of Sì Eau de Parfum, Sì Le Parfum by Giorgio Armani is a vibrant and sensual fragrance with a new intense amber accord, magnifying the femininity of strong women with a dazzling wake. The amber accord is quite strong and prominent and the funny thing is that it really does smell different on everyone. On me the fragrance smells more floral and warm while on my work colleague it smelt woody with a touch of oriental. Interesting how different notes combine with your personal scent to create different combinations of scents, isn’t it?


In terms of the notes in the fragrance, the radiant obscurity of blackcurrant meets the incandescence of amber. From the first notes, Sì Le Parfum echoes the character of Sì in the deep and saturated brilliance of Blackcurrant (my favourite note in the fragrance). Its captivating nectar is enhanced by bergamot essence like a luminous ode to the Italy of Giorgio Armani. The middle notes differ a bit from the original- I loved the rose and freesia notes of the original Si, but instead the Le Parfum has notes of Incense and Osmanthus. Not my favourite combination, but it does work nicely together with the amber.


The Si bottle also gets a little make-over with this new version of the fragrance. Understated yet luxurious, the Sì Le Parfum bottle is a tribute to the “haute parfumerie” and its precious bottles from another time while remaining steeped in pure modernity, revealing another facet of the Giorgio Armani signature. The precious amber fragrance appears suspended in the bottle and if the bottle is not enough to convince you, how about the gorgeous little pink pouch that the fragrance comes in? I’m such a sucker for presentation and this beautiful pouch,that you can either store the perfume in or carry it in your handbag without getting damaged , is such a beauty.


Si Le Parfum launches to all leading retailers including Edgars, Red Square, Stuttafords, Woolworths, Foschini and Truworths in mid- October and the 40ml(its only size) will retail for R1,905.00


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