We are halfway through winter in South Africa, and while July marks the mid-point mark for this season, it’s also the coldest month of the year. I’m not a fan of winter- I am much more of a sunshine and warmness kind-of-girl, and while I do love my winter onesie, it’s a travesty that I can’t wear it to work. However I still want to stay comfy at work, and since about 2 years ago I have enjoyed wearing a comfy wrap blanket(some people call them ponchos, I don’t like that word), that are fab and still are cosy to wear. I got this one from Kelso at Edgars, and they have a whole bunch of them in different colours so today I thought I would show you how to wear it!

Also another thing about winter in South Africa- it’s luckily not that cold during the day so we don’t actually get to wear long coats and jackets all the time. A poncho is a great outfit addition for when you need that extra warmth but don’t want to pile on too much clothing. I love this black and grey one because all you need a pop of colour, like my lipstick, to bring it to life!

I paired it with my 2 “go-to” items during winter- jeggings and thigh high boots! Thigh high boots are my obsession, and you will often catch my wearing them with anything and everything. I think they bring sex appeal to an outfit in a very subtle way! And a great pair of jeggings (jean leggings) in winter is a must- you can dress it up or down easily like I did in this outfit.

Check out this poncho range at your nearest Edgars this weekend, I have my eye on a maroon one and might just add it to my collection soon! 🙂

Wrap/Poncho- Kelso at Edgars

Jeggings- Sissy Boy

Boots- ALDO

Bag- Michael Kors

Necklace- Lovisa

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