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December time is festive time, but when the festive season ends I’m sure a few of us are left with those extra kgs from the holiday. The Christmas Eve dinner, the big Christmas family lunch, the holiday treats, and all other food in between- I am not going to lie to you, I eat a lot in the festive season. But now that we are well into the New Year, its time to work those kgs off. Today I teamed up with my favorite Glam Green Girl for a fitness inspired post and look!

workout style

Getting back into the swing of things is hard, so here is what I recommend doing.
1.Find an activity that you love doing

trying to do my best yoga pose
trying to do my best yoga pose

I use to be really into yoga, and enjoyed it a lot. It helped me get through a rough year, and anytime I would feel stressed, I use to roll out my yoga mat and do my stretches and exercises. When I look back to my pictures from 2011-2012, not only am I 5 kgs lighter, I also look healthy and good. So I am trying to really get back into yoga this year, because that’s my activity of choice. I have also gone back to the gym 3 times a week to do at least 30 minutes of cardio each time- not something that I enjoy doing but needs to be done. Test out different group sessions and activities maybe Zumba is for you? Or good old Pilates? I promise you, you will find something that you enjoy, and once you have, stick to it and keep working at it.

Okay I haven't done yoga in a while but I remember this pose ;)
Okay I haven’t done yoga in a while but I remember this pose 😉

2.Grab a friend

It’s always easier and more fun to do things with a friend. Help each other to do stretches and count their reps during exercises. Time will go by quicker, and you will enjoy it because you are spending time with a friend.

workout style

3 . Get cute gym gear

workout style
I know this sounds silly, but I promise you cute gym clothes do make a difference! I’m not saying you must go to the gym dressed up and glammed up- not at all. I am just saying get something that you will enjoy wearing and know you will look good in. I love pink, so I even incorporate it into my gym outfits. These JTOne sweat pants are amazing because they are super comfy and still manage to make my legs look good- you don’t need to only wear baggy sweats to the gym. I love this top with the fun tiger print, and make sure to also invest in a good sports bra- once again mine is from JTOne. And even things like my Yoga matt and my little weights are pink, because hey, I love it and it makes me want to work out more(whatever floats your boat right;)

workout style
4 .Get good sports shoes

nike roshe run
Whatever sport you choose to do, make sure you have good foot gear. Cassi and I both got the Nike Roshe Run for Christmas because the shoe is stylish and still sporty and comfortable.It has nice padding for the feet, but of course this is not a professional running shoe, but because I only use it for cardio this is good enough for me. But if you are planning on doing serious running, make sure to look into your footwear properly. Back problems can arise from not having the right shoes, my dad will vouch for me when I say this(he had to have a back operation and now only wears proper sports shoes). Nike and Adidas offer a huge variety of shoes that will fit your lifestyle and sports style, and they come in awesome colors and shapes. This is an investment so don’t be afraid to splurge a bit(The Nike Roshe Run are R800).

nike roshe run

5 . Load a fun workout playlist and go!

Music is a big part of a workout, so create a fun playlist that makes you want to move. Here are my Top 10 tracks from my iPod that I love playing at the gym.
Shake It Off- Taylor Swift(obviously )
Animals- Maroon 5
Dangerous- David Guetta
All About That Bass- Meghan Trainor
Motivation- Kelly Rowland
Love You Better- Crazy White Boy
Crazy In Love- Beyonce
Work B!tch- Britney Spears
Levels- Avicii
Problem- Ariana Grande
Whatever your music style is, make a playlist that works for you and go,go,go!

Now I am no fitness expert but I hope these tips helped a bit, and you are now more motivated to shed the extra kilos!:)


I’m wearing

Top-Cotton On

Sweat Pants- JTOne

Shoes- Nike Roshe Run

Weights- Mr.Price Sport

Yoga Matt- Yoga World(online)


Cassi wears

Shoes- Nike

Pants and Top- Cotton On

Bag- Country Road

Bottle- Console

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