Hello guys and sorry for the little leave of absence last week! I took a tiny break from things last week as honestly, I just wasn’t feeling super inspired to produce any content or be excited about anything. I am SO glad that January is over, it wasn’t the best of months for me, but I am excited for a fresh start in February. My look today reflect a bit how I’ve been feeling- a little blue with a touch of monochrome 😉



I haven’t had to go through a big life change since I started varsity and my parents moved to Russia years ago. Then the adjustment was big, as starting university and having your parents move overseas simultaneously was a lot to handle. I think I only settled into everything after about a year, and then I found my routine and really enjoyed life. For the past 5 years my time has pretty much been my own, with the exception of lectures and exams, which were still very easy to manage. Especially once I got towards my final studying years, I only had class a couple of times a week, and lectures ran from 10am to 3 pm maximum. I was used to shopping on a weekday, going out anytime I liked and waking up when it suited me. Things like going to the bank or the post office never stressed me out, as I always had time for it during the day, while the rest of the nation was at work. Well that all changed very drastically in the last few months for me when I started my first job!:)



I am having some trouble adjusting to this new lifestyle of waking up at the same time every morning, driving 35km to work, and then spending the whole day at the office. Don’t get me wrong, I am very excited about my job and my brand, but this lifestyle change is just a bit tricky at the moment. They say that it takes 6 months to adjust to everything and I’m hoping that this feeling passes as the months go by. For now I am eating chocolates every night to soothe myself and having plenty cuddles with le bf and the kitties. I’m sure that once I am passed this “new” stage and it becomes a part of my life, I will be happy and content again. Until I start having kids, because then we will be back to square 1! But that’s the exciting and lovely thing about life, every stage is beautiful and different and it keeps you on your toes! 🙂


forever new skirt

A little bit about the outfit- I found this skirt at Forever New, and as the case with all midi- skirts, I was in love! I like the interesting material on it, and the front zip and I paired it with a little lace crop top. To make the monochrome outfit pop a little bit, I added some cute blue accessories to the mix. I have been wearing these shoes to work a lot and I love the little touch of colour that they give an outfit. I matched my handbag and sunglasses to the shoes, but the blue wall behind me was not planned until we got to the location and saw it!:)

midi skirt outfit

What do you think of this blue look!?:)



Skirt-Forever New

Handbag- Dune

Shoes- Woolworths

Sunglasses- Vogue at Sunglass Hut


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