I often day dream about my trip to Paris and reminisce on how lovely it was. It might be cliché that Paris was the first thing that I ticked off my travel bucket list, but to this day (and 15 countries and numerous cities later), Paris is still the top of my list. I have plans on going back there next year and not just visiting Paris but also the Champagne and Provence regions in France. However, for now, I have to settle for visiting a little piece of Paris in South Africa, also known as French Toast!



I have visited the place before and it is just so cute- who doesn’t want to see a mini Eiffel Tower? The restaurant mainly serves French toast (obvs) in all kinds of variations- sweet, savory, and all over delicious. There is also a little bakery and a gift shop and there is always French music playing, so you would not be mistaken to think that you are in the streets of Paris. Of course, nothing ever compares to the beauty and grander of Paris, but hey, why not pretend for a second?


I recently bought this dress at Country Road and have been looking for an excuse to wear it everyday! Gingham is not usually my favorite print, in fact, this is the only piece of gingham I own! I decided it was about time I try out this trend, and I love it! I love the ruffle detail on the dress as well- it adds a soft touch to a monochromatic outfit.


To feel full-on Parisian, I also added this gondolier hat (they are super trendy right now but I have had this one for years), a red lip and some classic sunglasses. I even added some lace up black shoes to fit the vibe, and overall I just loved this French inspired outfit! Have you been to French Toast yet?

 Dress- Country Road at Woolworths

Hat- Mr.Price

Shoes- River Island

Sunglasses- Giorgio Armani at Sunglass Hut




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