I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, but since I know it’s not going to happen this year, I am embracing the Summer Whites fashion trend instead. Look, I am not the person that can actually wear white and not mess all over me at some stage of the day, but I love to wear it anyway. It’s such a beautiful and crisp colour, and you can really wear it to any occasion at any time(okay maybe except to someone’s wedding ;)). This gorgeous high-low dress is from Forever New and I think that this is the perfect dress for a Christmas party.



This was my first year working so hence it was the first time I experienced the infamous Office Christmas party. Sure I attended a few activity days at my parents Christmas functions as a teen, but a first office party at your first job is always exciting. If you are attending a Christmas party for yourself or your other half, this is a great outfit to wear. It’s got a bit of a special something something with the high-low detail and the pretty print on it, but it is still elegant enough for such an occasion(and it also comes in blue!).



Have you had your Christmas party yet? Are you excited? Check out this gorgeous dress online and pair it with some funky shoes and a cool necklace for that “Wow” effect!


Dress- Forever New

Necklace- Forever New

Shoes- Ted Baker

Photos by Reflection 9 Photography


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