Sometimes you love and item of clothing so much, that you have to get it in 2 different colours- has that ever happened to you? I loved this Witchery dress when I first bought it years ago and always wished that I could get it in another colour. Well the other day at the shops I spotted a very similar version of it in pink, and it had to become mine! It’s also from Witchery and I love long dresses, so of course I bought it. I plan on wearing it on Valentines ay to work tomorrow because it just perfect for it- it is feminine and girly and the soft pink colour is so perfect for the day of love.

I secretly love longer dresses because…then I don’t have to shave my legs on the day ha-ha. I know I should be used to it being a girl and all, but with longer dresses you can get away with so much 😉 The flowy material also means you can go for a fab Sunday lunch and you have aaallll the space to eat what you want. You have to think about these things sometimes, you know! 😉 If you plans for tomorrow include a nice little picnic, a movie date or anything relaxed and chilled (like any normal day ;)) then wearing something like this dress is the perfect option.

I loved how these photos came out shooting with Keagan Carlin, so girly and setting the perfect mood for Valentine’s Day. Wishing you a beautiful day!

Dress- Witchery

Rings- Tally Weijl

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