How do you pick which of your make-up babies to pack with you when you are going on a long trip? I don’t like playing favourites with my kids, but my make-up bag is only so big, so sadly I have to. When I travel I want to have just my basics with me for a healthy looking skin which firstly includes covering up the dark circles from the lack of sleeping.


I also like having a bright lipstick to spruce up my face for when I’m looking super tired and a few other must-have goodies such as mascara and anything that will keep my makeup in my place. I try pack as efficiently as I can, so here is the make-up that I can’t live without while travelling.

Good concealer and foundation

maybelline dream velvet

I don’t care what anyone says about Maybelline, it’s a pretty kick-ass brand. It offers such great quality products for a pocket friendly price and I can’t get enough of their goodies. I have used their Cover Stick Concealer for ages, so when I saw that it was on promotion I had to grab it. It does have quite a rich consistency so it is as maximum coverage as you can get when it comes to concealers. It comes in a tube like a lipstick so I just roll it out and apply straight to my eyes, and then blend it in with my fingers. I got it for 45 bucks on special, but I think it is around R80 full price.

maybelline cover stick

A new Maybelline launch that I’ve been loving is the Dream Velvet foundation. It smells and feels like a dream and applies to the face seamlessly. It has an almost mattifying effect without being too drying, hence why they call it dream “velvet”. I retails for R140 and I will have a full review of it with swatches and application for you on the blog soon, but so far I highly recommend it.

The palette that can do it all

naked 2 palette

I try and not be too biased on my own brand, but it’s hard not to when you are so in love with it! You all know about the Naked palettes, and when packing I had to make the brave choice of packing just one palette with me it had to be the Naked 2(R850). I feel like the taupe coloured shades suit my complexion the best, and that this colour range is the most versatile for me. I use Foxy, Tease and Snakebite for a light, day-time brown smoky eye, and spruce it up with Busted and Blackout for a night-time look. This palette does it all for me while travelling and I don’t know how life even existed before it for me 😉

Setting Products

all nighter setting spray

To make my make-up last all day I turn to these 2 babies from Urban Decay- the Eye Shadow Priming Potion (R280) and the All Nighter Setting Spray (R450). Of course these are the minis, because those are the most handy to travel with. They come as a gift with purchase in this cute make-up bag and I find them quite essential not only for travelling but also for living ;). The priming potion preps your eyes for the eye shadow as well as makes it “stick” to your eyelids for a full 24 hours, and the setting sprays holds your make-up in place for 16 hours. The full size version will be available to purchase very soon! 🙂


Mascara and Perfume


Another set of minis that I got as a gift with purchase- do you see a trend here? I can’t rave enough about the fact that miniature travel products are the biggest life savers while travelling. The mini Hypnose Drama mascara came to me when I purchased 2 Lancôme products last month (yes I still purchase products ;)) and the mini YSL Black Opium was a little treat in a goodie bag. Lush lashes and smelling good is all part of travelling!:)

A Bright Lipstick

urban decay anarchy

A bright lippie can save the day when you are tired and your skin and make-up is looking a little bit dull. I feel like it brightens the face all together and makes you look more alive, especially in photos! For my trip to Italy I picked this Urban Decay lipstick in Anarchy (mainly because it matched my fuchsia colour Ted Baker coat) but even when I am not travelling I like to have a few bright colored lipsticks in my handbag. Red, Purple, Coral, it’s all fun!

These are my favourite make-up products to be travelling with, what are yours?

travel products

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