If you know me, you know I am an avid series fanatic. I don’t even watch movies anymore, only series. I love all kinds of series- drama, fantasy, comedy. As long as its good, I’ll watch it. One of my favorite all-time TV shows is Gossip Girl. I started watching it when I was in first year at Wits, and I got hooked. I used to go the the computer labs at Wits and binge-watch the series. So when my fashion friend Cassi from Glam Green Girl suggested we do a Gossip Girl inspired shoot all I could say was “Hell Yeah!”


When I first started watching GG, I identified with Serena and her style. Her love life was always a mess(as was mine back then), and she liked daring styles. But when I re-watched Gossip Girl recently, I realized that I am Serena no more. I identified with Blair a lot more. Her style is very classic and very preppy. She and Chuck are the perfect couple-both so conniving and so good! And her wanting to build her own empire rather than kiss every guy on the Upper East Side, is much more my cup of tea now, then it was back in 2009.


Cass and I wanted to incorporate Serenas and Blairs GG style, and I think we did good! I was inspired by Blairs Season 1 and 2 looks- she always wore a headband which is why I added mine. Her accessories are classic- thats why I decided to go for the Michael Kors bag and the nude pumps. And Blair almost always wears skirts and dresses- so feminine and chic. I decided to go with a button-down shirt paired with a some fun colours- a bright orange pleated skirt, and a mint blazer. So chic and fun!


Chicara from Lipgloss Kisses had the genius idea of adding doodles to our photos- I mean how amazing! I love the little captions she added, and Cass and I had so much fun taking these pics. Walking through Rosebank hand-in-hand, laughing and having fun, is my idea of a great Wednesday! I think Cass looks super hot as Serena, and I love how she incorporated Serenas style- the yellow accesoirs and the hat are my favorite! And this quote from Blair is my personal favorite, and Chicara tweaked it for me- I have an army to build, the blogging world to take over and girls to blackmail- how fun!;)


So what do you guys think? I hope we did Gossip Girl- South African edition some justice with these fun pics!








I’m wearing

Top, skirt and blazer- Forever New

Shoes- ALDO

Bag- Michael Kors





Cassidy wears

Dress- Mr.Price

Hat- Milady’s

Shoes and Bag- Woolworths

Jewellery – Lovisa


Until next time,


Gossip Girl

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