Beauty Review – L’Oreal Pure Red Lipsticks

L'Oreal Pure Red

I love a bold lip. I love a red bold lip even more. It’s very rare that you will see me out without some bright lip colour, and the one time I thought I would try and rock a nude lip to an event, I was asked if I was feeling sick and was promptly handed a lipstick. So it comes as no surprise that L’Oreal Pure Red Lipsticks Collection has me in happy jitters! If I was ever all about that red lip, it’s even more so now during the festive season!

L'Oreal Pure Red
I know a red lip can be very tricky. I was always put off wearing it by my parents because my mother never wore red lipstick- apparently both my parents think that red is a colour that only inappropriate girls(if you know what I mean) wear. I just think my mom never found her right shade of red, because yes there are so many shades of it, and not every red is for you! I’m hoping that the next time my mom visits, we can find her the perfect red shade from this L’Oreal Pure Red Collection.

L'Oreal Pure Red
L’Oreal has so many stunning brand ambassadors, and the great thing is-they are all diverse! Every age and skin colour is covered with this collection, so it makes sense that the 8 brand ambassadors after whom the shades were created, ended up with 8 seemingly different looking red shades. However they are still all shades of red- garnet, maroon, scarlet, etc. I was sent 3 of these babies to try out- The J.Lo, the Blake and the Doutzen.

The J.Lo

L'Oreal Pure Red J.Lo
Let’s start with my favourite one and the one that I feel is “my” red. As you can see in my previous outfit post, that is the red that I am loving at the moment- the J.Lo. It is described as “Ruby Rouge” and is worn for an opulent appearance. J.Lo has a darker Latina skin and dark long locks, so it makes complete sense that this red matches me perfectly, especially now that I have a tan. It’s the perfect red for dark haired girls with a bit of an olive skin.

L'Oreal Pure Red J.Lo

The Doutzen

L'Oreal Pure Red
The Doutzen is a fiery red that when swatched looks more like a bright orange shade. Doutzen is the gorgeous model from Holland who has a fair white skin and gorgeous blonde locks, so this would be the ideal “red” for a girl with that complexion. I have been using it as a coral on myself, and loving it just as much.

L'Oreal Pure Red Doutzen

The Blake

L'Oreal Pure Red Blake
The Blake is the “Pure Red”, the iconic red lip that everyone talks about. It’s the old Hollywood glamour, and the classic red shade. I find the Blake and the J.Lo to be quite similar, but they do look a little different on me. Blake is the lighter shade, and I think this will be my go-to colour during the winter months, when my skin is a little paler.

L'Oreal Pure Red Blake

Here we have all of the swatches, with and without flash. From left to right thats Blake, Doutzen and J.Lo

Swatches without flash Left to right: Blake, Doutzen, J.Lo
Swatches without flash
Left to right: Blake, Doutzen, J.Lo
Swatches with flash Left to right: Blake, Doutzen, J.Lo
Swatches with flash
Left to right: Blake, Doutzen, J.Lo

The formula of the lipsticks its fantastic- if you know me, you know that matte is always my favourite texture for a lipstick, I am obsessed! I buy all of the matte lipsticks that I can find, because those are the ones that last the longest on my lips. The downside is that it can get a little tricky to apply, and I struggle to apply the Pure Reds without a lip brush. Once it’s on, the formula lasts the whole day, but depending on your activities- I eat a lot so I do have to touch the lipstick up, but it never fades away fully.

L'Oreal Pure Red
The packing is also something to be admired. I knew about this collection coming for a little while, and couldn’t wait to see the end result. The leather-like casing on every lipstick, plus the name of the starlet on it- really L’Oreal you have out-done yourselves!
Other colours in the collection are Frieda-a fuchsia red, Julienne-a vermillion rouge that will look stunning on red-heads, Eva- a brick red, Liya- a scarlet red, and Laetetia- a deep garnet red. Visit your nearest L’Oreal counter, and find your red! They retail for R149.99 each and are available now.


  • Reply fayinthemaze December 4, 2014 at 2:49 pm

    I think Eva, Freida or Jlo will probably look best on me although I want Blake obv just because hello, it’s Blake and I mean #GGforlife

  • Reply Nooreen Agherdien December 9, 2014 at 11:48 am

    Just got myself the JLo next one has to be the Blake, and they are super smooth.

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