Henry Holland is back with yet another awesome collaboration with Mr.Price. This time around he brings awesome dresses inspired by his friends. There is the Kelly (Osbourne) dress, the Rita (Ora) dress and the Pixie (Geldof) dress to name a few. I liked a lot of them, but the Riri dress really caught my eye.

People often struggle to pronounce Irina, so when I was in high school my friends decided to cut it down to just Rina. When I got to varsity my friends got even lazier and just cut it down to Ri. So yes I liked the dress for that reason as well. It is basically my dress 😉

Johannesburg has been having very bad weather in the past few weeks, so I loved that I could wear the dress straight away. It is perfect for the rainy weather in summer and I can’t wait to pair it with black tights and ankle boots for winter. I am still a student, so when I can get an item that can work for me both in the summer and winter, I’m like “Score!” haha 🙂
All of the accessories, funny enough were gifts or winnings. The awesome necklace I won on Brett Robsons blog last year and the green clutch was gifted to me by Rozanne from Rozanne and Pushkin for winning a photo contest. I can’t get enough of the ring which I got from a box swap with Laura from the UK! I don’t know how she got me so spot on, I am obsessed with it! I hunted for these shoes through all of the Legit stores in Johannesburg until I found a pair. How gorgeous is the colour and the ankle strap? In love!

Dress- Henry Holland for Mr.Price
Shoes- Legit
Bag- Rozanne and Pushkin
Ring- New Look
Necklace- Gift

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