This weekend I am heading out to the bush for some much needed relaxation. We are going to my friend’s game farm in Bela-Bela and I can’t wait! I have always said that I am a very girly-girl and I don’t like “roughing it up”. DO NOT ever ask me to go camping- it is a disaster waiting to happen. I love the nature and I love being outdoors, and I have been camping before- it is just not for me. Le bf got me this fridge magnet which sums up pretty much how I feel about camping.

Luckily this game farm is everything that a girl like me desires- there is stunning nature all around us, and animals running around. But there is also a house with a bed and warm water, and even a huge pool table for the guys. Nevertheless I still always try to pack smart because there are a few things a girl like me needs to survive a weekend in the bush.
1.A Fabulous Sun-Hat- The animals bring their best outfits for you (zebra stripes, giraffe prints) how dare you not look pretty for them? And besides you don’t want to get sun-stroke and fall off the game-viewer(yes I have a flare for the dramatic;)
2.Sunglasses- Things get pretty dusty in the bush and the last thing you want is dust in your eyes. I am busy picking out some new Dolces thanks to Sunglass Hut and I hope the Impalas appreciate them 😉
3.Sunblock- This is an absolute must and my favourite sunblock is the Environ Rad Sunscreen. It has a wonderful smell and texture; it doesn’t take forever to rub into your skin, and feels weight-less on your skin.
4.A Good Moisturizer- It is hot and dry in the bush, so your skin needs extra nourishment. I find myself applying it throughout the day.I am currently using the Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream. so far so good!:)
5.Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream- This little gem does it all and is a must for any traveler- no matter where you are headed too. I use it in my face as well as lips and hands. One of the greatest beauty products avert invented.
6.BB Cream- Waking up at five in the morning to go check out the animals before the heat seats in, I never have time(or just prefer to spend that time sleeping) to apply make-up. I’m still pretty loyal to the Body Shop BB Cream and it is one of my favourite beauty products.
7.Batiste Dry Shampoo – I’m going to be spending my days in the heat, and even with my Fabulous Sun-my hair will get dirty. I am obsessed with the Batiste Dry Shampoo, just a couple of sprays make my hair grown from blah to the “freshly washed” look.
8.Nivea In-Shower Moisturizer and Nivea Daily Essentials Wipes- The In Shower Moisturizer does two things in one- cleans and leaves your skin feeling nourished. You can never have too many wet-wipes on these trips because the bush is so dusty!
9.Cocktails- Because why not? Original Iced was nice enough to send me three packs of their yummy cocktails and I am taking them with to get wasted to relax 😉
I hope everyone has a stunning weekend, I am hoping to see the baby giraffe that was recently born on the farm and some baby warthogs!
Catch you next week!:)

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