Coat – Guess , Jeans – Guess , Bag – Blackcherry Handbags , Shoes and Scarf borrowed from mom.
Hello beauties I am finally back!
After almost a month-long absence I am back in South Africa and back to blogging! I hope everyone had an awesome festive season and ready to rock 2014! As much as 2013 was a great year, it came with a lot of hard times. So I don’t know about you, but I am ready to get this show (and by show I mean 2014) on the road!
I got back on Thursday afternoon and have already gotten sick. My body didn’t acclimatize very well given that I came from -15 to +30. I also managed to hurt my hand while in Moscow and had to take antibiotics for it, which didn’t help my poor body to try and get back to normal. I also visited Ukraine and Moldova so between all the travelling my body did need a rest. Luckily I still have antoher week until varsity starts to reboot and recharge.
Russia was cold. Reeeeeaaaaly cold. So cold that I almost couldn’t and didn’t want to take any pictures. When it is freezing outside and the cold wind is blowing into your face, all you want to do is to get somewhere where it’s warm. Nevertheless I dragged my mom out with the camera to Old Arbat Street and made her take some pictures while we were souvenir shopping. The outfit is not as glamorous as I would want it to be but I tried and even took my pumpkin-coloured hat off to take the pictures. While my mom was taking them some people walked past and shouted at me “Please put your hat back on, you are making us freeze just by looking at you!” I suppose they had a point so I put it back on;)
I am back to blogging full-time this week so expect another outfit post (more glamour this time, with my mom’s faux fur coat), a post on my Top 5 Must-See Places in Moscow, and a bit of a Russia/Christmas haul post. Needless to say I was (as usual) overweight with my luggage after my shopping and had to leave a whole bunch of things behind (goodbye boxes of chocolate that I planned on binge-eating this week).
How was your holiday season? Did you manage to get away? 🙂

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