For the past I-don’t-know-how-many years, every holiday season I would go down to Durban with my family. I broke tradition for the first time last year (because I had to work!) but going down to the coast with my family has always been a highlight of the festive season for me. My personal favourite location is Ballito, which is on the North coast of Durban, and it is my happy place. I can’t wait to visit it again sometime soon(usually the second week of January is my favourite time to go there), and if you are heading down to Durban this holiday season, I’ve got the perfect little guide for you on what my Top 5 things to do in Durban are this holiday!


  1. Book good accommodation!

First thing’s first- you have to book good accommodation. My parents, the unorganized bunch that they are, would never book anything in advance, so we would always just drive down to Ballito, hoping that when we get there, the estate agent will have something for us. Not a smart way to travel at all, and I still have nightmares about us having to drive around the whole of the North coast the one holiday, looking for accommodation everywhere, because everything was so booked(but of course, it was during Easter!) We eventually found a dodgy little house somewhere outside of Umdloti, but don’t be a fool like we were, and book your accommodation now with Accommodation Direct! This very handy local-only travel site is basically your South African trip advisor. You can book your accommodation there quick and easy, picking from a selection of fab B&BS, hotels and houses. Make sure you check it out and book your stay, and get your holiday started!

2. Visit uShaka Marine World


This might be a little corny, but I love this place! I’ve been there over 10 times already and I always have so much fun there, whether I go with my family, friends or boyfriend. The slides there are very cool, and the aquarium is impressive. The Dolphin show is always a good pick, and you can shop to your heart’s content at the uShaka village. I’ve also done the underwater sea walk, which was super cool (although a little bit cold!). Entrance starts from R209, and it’s a fab place to enjoy with the family.

Under the sea...
Under the sea…

3. Take the St. Lucia Estuary Cruise


Although this is a bit of a drive from Durban, it’s so worth it! The St Lucia Estuary is one of the largest Estuaries in Africa, 85km in total length gives one an opportunity to witness some incredible wildlife species that frequent the not only the estuary but the banks as well. Take the 2 hour boat cruise Safari to get real up and close  to the residents of the estuary. You get to see hippos and crocodiles pretty up close, and it’s an amazing experience! The boat rides cost R220 per person, and it’s so worth every cent.

Hippos, hippos everywhere!
Hippos, hippos everywhere!

4. Learn to Scuba Dive


This is really for the adventurous peeps out there, but how it’s so cool! Take yourself out of your comfort zone this holiday and learn to do something new. Courses are a bit pricey, starting at anything from R4000, but now seems like the best time to try something new!

    5. Beach Please! 


And of course, my favourite thing to do of all- beach, beach, beach! That it my ultimate and favourite thing to do to relax, unwind and chill out. I’ve just bought a new book to read on my beach holiday (Marian Keyes “Making It up as I Go Along”), and nothing makes me happier than just swimming in the sea and relaxing under the sun. Its been a long year and we’ve all worked hard, so girl, treat your self and take that beach break! My favourite beach is Balittos Thomson’s Bay, but really just anywhere with some sand and sea.


I hope you found my little guide helpful and useful for your next trip to Durban!

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