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Todays post is for my babes on a budget. As much as I love luxury products, I often can’t afford them, simple as that. Firstly because I am a student and secondly because often I have other priorities where I need to put my money at. Since starting the blog I am often very spoiled with beautiful products, but today I wanted to share my favorite skin and hair products that are budget friendly. Let me know if you are interested in also seeing a make-up post like this, featuring great but inexpensive products.

Dove Hair Products

I have always loved Dove hair products, from their oil that I mentioned here to their excellent hair conditioner. Well their shampoo and conditioner is just as good! My favorite ranges are the Intensive Repair and Nourishing Oil Care. The Nourishing Oil one has a few of different kinds of oils in it, and it smells great and leaves you with healthy, shiny hair. The Intensive Repair conditioner is also a real winner, its rich and helps to prevent breakage in your hair. The Dove Hair Products retail between R50-R90 which is a real steal!

The Body Shop Honeymania Perfume

Designer perfumes can get pretty pricey and I found a perfect alternative that will keep you smelling delicious and won’t break the budget.The whole of the Honeymania range smells amazing, the Body Butter and the Lip Ice are my firm favorites. The perfume comes in a 30ml bottle and it lasts a good 3-4 hours. Its nice and compact so you can keep it in your handbag and re-touch it during the day. It’s a little bit on a sweet side, but The Body Shop does offer a variety of other perfumes. They go for about R240(not sure of exact price as I bought mine overseas).

Sorbet Skin Care

Sorbet came out with their own skin care range last year, and it offers a couple of categories. I tried out the Hydro Skin range which includes a day and a night cream. The texture is on the rich side, but it’s really good quality plus the day cream includes an SPF15 in it. This won’t treat your big skin concerns like anti-aging or pigmentation(they do have an Age+ range for that), but it will keep your skin hydrated and looking healthy.It works best for me during the summer season when my only skin concern is hydration and smoothness, so I am going to have to bulk up my skin regime with a serum and oil this coming winter. The Sorbet Hydro Skin Range will set you back R155 for each of the creams.

Garnier Make-Up Wipes

Make-up wipes are a must in any beauty arsenal and I’ve seen them reach a ridiculous price of R250(can you even?). For me make-up wipes need to one job and they need to do it well-take off all the make-up! These wipes not only do it that, but with their 2 in 1 formula they also cleanse the skin, so for the nights that you are feeling very lazy you won’t even need to cleanse your skin afterwards. They are also great to travel with, and I like having them on hand with me all the time. A pack of 25 wipes goes for R39.95.

TRESemme Heat Defence Styling Spray

As someone who daily straightens her hair and constantly uses heat tools, I’m always in need of a heat protecting serum/spray. I used to use a GHD one but for almost R250 a pop, it was breaking my budget. Then I found this amazing little TRESemme Heat Defence Styling Spray that costs almost nothing and does the job just as well! It comes in a little bottle that’s very handy, but yet it still manages to last me a long time. The 100 ml bottle is travel-friendly and costs R25.95, and you can also get it in a bigger, 300 ml bottle which will cost you R54.95. Great deal if you ask me!

budget beauty

What are you favorite budget-friendly products?

9 thoughts on “Beauty On A Budget”

  1. Would definitely love to see a budget make up post!

    I want to try the sorbet creams…sounds great and definitely want to try the wipes. I bought wipes at the body shop and I don’t like how my skin feels afterwards. Like it needs a deep cleanse…. not sure if it’s just me.

  2. The Garnier ones are made to both take off your make-up and to cleanse! Haven’t tried The Body Shops wipes, I mostly only like them for bath/body products. Give the Garnier ones a try:)

  3. Great I absolutely love your post. I have been reading a lot lately about the hydro…what would you reccomend for fall/winter???

  4. Personally for winter I go heavy on the facial oils and double up the moisturizer. I love the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Oil for winter and the Vichy Skin Idelia serum. For something a little more budget friendly, check out the Balm Balm Frankincense oil, I haven’t tried out the Sorbet oils and serums yet so can’t tell you how good they are 🙁

  5. I’ll definitely be trying out the Garnier wipes that you mentioned. I love make-up wipes (who has the time for cotton pads and make-up remover at 12 at night) and haven’t been satisfied with my Johnson ones lately. Thanks for the recommendation 🙂

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