Hello guys and welcome back!:) I have an outfit post for you today, one that I really,really loved shooting with Slade Ryan Photography. Lets be honest here, none of the fashion bloggers run around in heels and dresses all day(most of us anyway). A lot of us have day-time jobs and then we get glammed up for the evening. For the past 6 years my days were spend running around campus in comfy jeans and a T-shirt, from class to class, and that would always be my normal attire for the day. I loved the architecture at Wits University, so when I wanted to share my more “casual” campus look with you, I headed right there to capture it.




Even though I left Wits, my time there was rather memorable. I never like regretting things in life, even though sometimes they seem like big mistakes at first-like choosing the wrong degree for you, which is what I started with at Wits. After some time I realized it wasn’t for me, and changed over, but my time spend there was filled with so many amazing memories. I met my best friend in first year, and together we concurred studies and our late teens.I met people whom I didn’t end up staying friends with in the long run,but who have made such a huge impact in my life- like introducing me to Steve. I learnt to live on my own as my parents moved over to Russia, and for that I am so thankful to Wits and the experience,lessons and people that it brought into my life.




I usually always wear jeans to campus, and these GAP Legging Jeans are amazingly comfy! They feel exactly like leggings except they actually cover your bum 😉 They go with anything and everything, just like any good pair of jeans does. I paired it with my favorite “Study Hard” tee to play on the irony of taking these photos at a varsity. Vans are my shoes of choice for campus, and I love a nice denim shirt to throw over when its a little bit chilly. The hat is a new addition, something that I would have never seen myself wear until a year ago. And of course my Calculus book, or as we liked to call it “The Bible”. That thing was dam heavy and I used it for all 3 years of my maths degree. Nothing sums up my varsity life more than that book!:)




This look is also getting featured on the international website today! Pop on over to it and check me, as well as some other great looks out. Be inspired to “dress normal” as GAP puts it, and play around with your denims!:)

IMG_4618Jeans- GAP

Shoes- Vans at Stuttafords

T-Shirt-Model Citizen

Shirt- Cotton On

Hat- River Island

Bag- Blackcherry Handbags

And the Steward Calculus book of course 😉


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  1. this is such a cute look and so “real” coz most of us have errands to run and work to do and need to be comfy and casual 70% of the time.

  2. its something that I would typically wear out and to varsity. There is this illusion that bloggers lead a life where they are dressed up all the time- so not true!

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