I think its safe to say that I have found my favorite combination of perfume notes. There is something to be said about perfume composition, and how certain notes bring a scent together. One of my favorite all-time scents is this gorgeous Chloe Eau De Parfum. This isn’t a new launch, in fact this fragrance has been around since 2008, but because I love it so much, I wanted to share it with you guys today.

chloe edp

There is also something to be said about the “nose” of a fragrance- the person who “designs” a scent and puts all of the different notes together. I found it quite interesting that one of the “noses” of this fragrance, Amandine Marie, also had a big role is creating one of my signature(I know, I have a few) scents- the Angel EDT. The other half responsible for this scent is Michel Almairac, who has created some of my other beloved fragrances such as Gucci Rush, Dahlia Divin by Givenchy, and Burberry Body. Isn’t it quite fascinating how certain people create scents that seem so perfect for you?

chloe edp

A little bit more about the notes of this fragrance that I love so much, but if you have been reading my previous perfume reviews, you would have guessed what they are. Chloe’s top notes are Peony, Freesia and Litchi-this is a very similar composition to Si and Versace Eros, both of which I adore! It has middle notes of Rose, Magnolia and Lily-Of-the Valley, and the scent is finished off with Amber and Virginia Ceder.

chloe edp

I find the fragrance to have the most enchanting smell, but a few of my friends noted that it is too light for them. It is an incredibly airy fragrance, perfect for everyday wear, however it doesn’t fade away easily and has a touch of powder to it. The bottle of it is also gorgeous, and I especially love the little bow detail on it.

The Chloe EDP retails for R830 for 30ml, R1195 for 50 ml and R1460 for 75ml.

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