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Back in 2010 when I was still at varsity and partying it up a storm, I came across a Clarins promotions counter one day on campus. The representative told me all about their “Eclat Du Jour(Daily Energizer)” range that’s meant for girls in their 20s who love staying up late(whether to party or to study is your choice ;)) and are looking for that pick-me-up and radiance for their skin.I got to sample the products back then and I loved them-espeically Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel! And now 7 years later I got to try out 2 products from the Daily Energizer range, and as with my first experience of Clarins, I loved them.

Daily Energizer Lovely Lip Balm


Now let me get the first thing out of the way- I am having an obsession with a Lip Balm. Yes a Lip Balm! Never thought I would say that, I am much more of a lipstick kinda-gal, and I have never been the girl who has 10 lip ices in her handbag. But then this little guy came along and I am in love and obsessed all at once. Ladies meet Clarins’ Daily Energizer Lovely Lip Balm. Let me tell you why I am obsessed with it- firstly, the Lip Balm smells lice delicious Peach Ice Tea. Mmmm you just have to smell it, it’s the most amazing scent I have ever smelt on a lip product! Secondly it has the loveliest texture that keeps your lips moisturized for a good couple of hours. And thirdly, look at the fun packaging! Little confetti all over just brings a smile to my face anytime I use this Lip Balm.

clarions daily energizer lovely lip balm

I would say EVERYONE needs this in their lives for winter, and I haven’t made a statement like that on the blog ever- usually I recommend things for specific looks,age groups and skin concerns. But honestly this is the one product that everyone will love. I am stocking up on it for winter, especially because its scent will remind me of the warm summer days and Peach Ice Teas :). It retails for R165, which is a bit of a stretch for a Lip Balm, but trust me, you need it!

Daily Energizer Cream

clarions daily energizer cream

The cream wasn’t a new discovery for me, but something that I have always enjoyed. The Creme Eclat Du Jour(Daily Energizer Cream) also has a very nice scent to it, and its a great pick-me-up in the mornings. I use this before putting on my make-up and after I have spritzed the toner on le face. The texture is very smooth and this is a product for girls my age and a bit above- it adds radiance and hydration but it won’t treat big skin concerns like wrinkles and pigmentation. If you are looking to get started on Clarins skin care, this is the perfect product to start dipping your toes with into the Clarins pool. I would also recommend using it with the Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel- a real treat for this skin! This goes for just R255, which for me I find very reasonable.

Hope you enjoyed the first of many Clarins reviews to come! Now go on and get that lip balm!:)


4 thoughts on “Clarins Daily Energizer Cream and Lovely Lip Balm”

  1. They both look amazing! I have yet to try anything from this range. I always felt Clarins was too rich for younger skin and aimed for an older target market but will look into this range.

    XoXo One Stiletto At A Time

  2. I also didn’t realize that this range is for girls in their 20s! Maybe because they focus hard on promoting anti-ageing products like their serums that we all think that Clarins won’t have something for girls our age. But that lip balm is everything!

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