I am obsessed with Europe(must be my roots calling), so when my parents asked me if I wanted to join them on a little holiday to Croatia, my answer was “Hell Yes!”. Yes the timing was rather short(I only spend 3 days there) but since I’ve always wanted to visit Croatia, I knew I just had to do it. I don’t regret it for a second because seeing the beautiful country and getting a mini break was exactly what I needed!




I bought this dress with my European travels in mind and especially for the sea side. We headed down to Croatia from Budapest(more on that coming to the blog next week) and we went right down to the coast to a city called Zadar. It’s a rather quite and small holiday city, with lovely little houses and beautiful sea that stretches on and on. As usual I’ve complied some tips for travelling to Croatia and the information that I gathered along the way!:)



If you plan on visiting Croatia, I would say– go for its nature. Beautiful lush forests, panoramic views and gorgeous Adriatic Sea is what the country is known for. While we also visited Zagreb(the capital), I preferred Croatia’s sea side to its city scape. I wish I also had the time to visit Dubrovnik, but due to time constraints I had to give it a skip. Sailing Croatia is another great reason to visit the country, and the yacht parties that happen there during the month of June are famous for being simply awesome.



We stayed at the Falkensteiner Appartements that I highly recommend if you planning on visiting Zadar. They were very close to the beach and its perfect if you want to do self-catering, There were plenty of little supermarkets and bakeries in the street, so self catering in a place like Croatia is simple and easy. I feel like I say this a lot, but with the rand being what it is, Croatia is not the cheapest place to visit. A dinner meal(like a pasta) will cost around R200, a simple lunch around R150, and a little souvenir was about R100. I didn’t get to explore the nightlife, but from what I saw, the drinks also weren’t cheap. The flight from South Africa to Croatia is 14 hours all together, and because Zagreb is not a big city, it was expensive. I paid R7500 for one way(since I landed in Budapest and only flew back from Croatia). I would try and find a nice holiday deal rather that covers flights and accommodation.



A little bit about my outfit- I got it for a steal at H&M recently and I love it! I think that it works for many occasions, from drinks with the girls to even a wedding. I am finding lately that red might be my color after all. I am always drawn to it, and while in the past I would try and avoid it, now I am trying to embrace it. The dress has a beautiful sheer panel on the back of the sleeves and its still very light, perfect for summer evenings. We walked around the city a bit and took photos in different spots- the pretty colorful houses, the little courtyards and sneaky little colorful doors.


It felt like I was in a different time when I was in Croatia, away from the bust city life and hustle and bustle.


I also recently received this gorgeous watch from Daniel Wellington, that I got to pick out. I loved the simple black strap with the croc detail on it and the rose gold cover of the actual watch. Recently settling into a work environment, I figured a class watch like this was all I needed! Check out the full range over here.



Overall I really enjoyed Croatias laid-back lifestyle, the gorgeous sea and the friendly people. This is a great destination for a summer holiday as you can to see the pretty streets of Croatia, as well as spend time by the beach. If you are someone whole loves a mix of both worlds, Croatia is for you!


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  1. Will add this place to my European trip bucketlist. Don’t know when I will take it but it seems like a good place to see.
    Love the dress by the way. 😍

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