Every woman has two sides to her- the naughty and the nice. The angel and the demon. The girl who is as sweet-as-sugar and the girl who is naughty-as-hell. And both of these women live inside one person, and come out when the public least expects them to. That is the idea behind Thierry Muglers iconic “Angel” fragrance- we as women are all part angel and part demon(in a good way of course).
I think there is an angel and a demon inside all of us. We all have the angel part and the girl who dreams of her white wedding gown, cooking dinner for her family every night and being the perfect wife. And we all have the naughty girl inside us, the girl who wants to ride away into the sunset on the back of a Harley Davidson with her boyfriend, the girl who dreams about a leather-studded jacket to wear on the back of the said bike, and dreams of living a life of adventure as a lone wolf. It is surprising and shocking that such different characters can live inside one person, but that is exactly the idea behind the new tagline of the fragrance- Beware of Angels, because you never know what kind of a woman hides inside the perfect wife and the perfect rebel.
The scent of the Angel fragrance is a first of its kind, a blend of glamour and edginess, femininity and strong will. It first launched in 1992 and blew the designer socks right of the beauty industry. 22 years later and this fragrance is in the Top 10 best-selling fragrances around the world, and although it keeps its scent and signature idea fixed, it plays around with the different kinds of women that embody the fragrance. The scent is strong; it is almost overpowering, but yet leaves you wanting more. Its berry, praline, vanilla and patchouli notes satisfy the desires for beautiful materials and it starts of sweet but then opens up to be spicy, just like a woman. It has become more than just a fragrance; it is a statement of women’s independence, femininity and glamour.
The models for the Angel fragrance have always embodied the concept of the fragrance. The previous face of the brand was Eva Mendes- a perfect blend of sexy and sweet. Look I am still not okay with the fact that she is having my future husbands baby but man, she is beautiful as hell. 
Some of the other models to have been involved in the campaign are Jerry Hall(does she even age?) in 1993.
Naomi Watts in 2008
And model Anna Maria Cseh in 2003- fun fact, this dress weigh over 100 pounds, so she had to be lying down for the photos because the dress was simply too heavy to be shot standing up!
To celebrate the new face of the fragrance and the beautiful concept that is “Beware of Angels” I am giving one lucky reader an Angel hamper worth R1310 to celebrate the angel and the demon inside all of us. To win simply comment on this post and tell me what makes you the strong and confident woman that you are. 
What makes me the strong and confident woman that I am? For me, it a mix of inner factors and outer factors. The fact that I love and I am loved. The fact that I get to do what I love and express myself everyday on this blog. And of course outer factors such as a dash of red lipstick, a pair of gorgeous heels , a sexy little black dress and some stunning lingerie never hurt anyone.
Best of luck, I can’t wait to hear your stories!

Competition Rules
1.The competition will run from today (16.09.) until next week Monday (22.09)
2.The winner with the best answer will be chosen (I will not be choosing but I will be getting some help)
3.Please don’t forget to leave your details with the answer (an email will do)
4. The prize hamper includes the Angel fragrance(25 ml ) and the Angel body lotion(200 ml)
5.Competition is only open to residents of South Africa

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28 thoughts on “Giveaway – #BewareOfAngels with Thierry Mugler”

  1. I am a mother, sister, friend, bread winner at home…And being all these is NOT easy…But, GOD, knowing that I am loved, loving others, giving, and ohhh putting an effort on how I look makes me a STRONG and CONFIDENT woman that I am :-)…

  2. And yes when I say “the way I dress” I’m not referring to jeans & All Stars…I’m talking about that LBD with those killer heels, make up did, nails did (I don’t do much hair coz I have natural hair)..When I step out I FEEL GOOD & can conquer the world :-)…
    My email ad is: Thembi.Ntsume@gmail.com :-)..

  3. @rln6 -Twitter handle

    Being a mother, daughter, sister & wife has only strengthened in me the compassionate flame that burns within!

    The religion of good and helping a fellow human makes meCONFIDENT &STRONG!

    I also believe in that 1% as it makes me human!

  4. I really love the way you have explained the Angel Fragrance. From my experience:
    A strong woman is the one who is independent and also respects others in all aspects. She is the one who tries to mould herself to her betterment in her hard times. She tries to make her surrounding lively.. She loves the ones who love her and also loves the one who hates her. She gets emotional many a times but these emotions does not become a barrier to her success journey. All the more, she loves herself. To her every strong woman out there…Be strong as much as you can and also take care of yourself.
    Email: meganhartwig@yahoo.com

  5. What makes me a strong,confident woman is my mum. I am 21 years old and becoming a woman with a role model like mum is a blessing. She is a single parent of 3,for almost 21 years. Everyday she shows me what it means to be an independent,successful,strong and confident woman!
    Also,i think this perfume would be perfect for me because i too have an angelic and devilish side- the angelic side my focus is on completing my honours and finding a good job. But my demon side is in full effect when I get a chance to go out. Dressing grunge and wearing bright red lipstick brings out the devil in me. It also doesn’t hurt to feel sexy after a week of wearing pj pants.lol…hope i win!! My email is yadhna.maraj@gmail.com

  6. Been a single mom of two… ive had to be strong not only for myself but for them as the solely depend on me… therefore ive had to be confident and brave, never giving up and outlasting the bad times so we can all enjoy the good times. Working hard , so they can have a life they deserve, and not suffer because of me

  7. My confidence radiates from a deep center of knowing who I am and the person I have now grown into.Faced with many traumas and tragedies which served to mould me into a strong woman able to withstand the storms and appreciate the little I have.Confidence is not only good clothes/looks but more of an attitude , a new outfit/hairdo can make you feel wonderful but its just an add-on to your confidence.My confidence comes from my experiences.tanusta@hotmail.com

  8. Just the other day my boyfriend who I have been dating for the last 3 years left me for someone younger, prettier and thinner than me. Ofcourse I was devastated and asked myself what is so wrong with me, perhaps its because I am not thin enough or pretty enough. I started thinking if I was not good enough for him, how would I be good enough for anyone? Then I thought, hey, I’m a vibrant 25 year old that has a fantastic career ahead of me. I am where I am today because I worked HARD for everything that I have. Perhaps I just needed people in my life that would appreciate everything that I am and everything that I am not. To have realized my true worth, well that’s what makes me a strong and confident woman.

  9. What makes me the STRONG and CONFIDENT woman that I am? I think an ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE has helped me to FOCUS on my character/physical STRENGTHS and not to dwell on the negatives, so I am able to “WALK TALL”. Saying THANK YOU for every BLESSING no matter how small….has taught me to RESPECT others and earn RESPECT in return. Acknowledging that I have a POSITIVE influence on my friends and family makes me feel really STRONG, and seeing my young children FLOURISHING under my GUIDANCE and CARE also makes me feel CONFIDENT and STRONG!! X

  10. Twitter handle : @tinkaj5

    I am a strong woman because of my family! My parents are my inspiration who taught & live by example. Hope that I have the same morals, ethics & principles & discipline to living. Having said that there has to be balance in life & like the embodiment of the perfume I also push the boundaries of all the rules in life!

  11. I once got told that I was the fattest girlfriend he ever dated… thank you, you only made me realize that I am a strong woman and I LOVE MY BODY. No one will ever again put me down… and oh that 1 % … thats the diva you had but didnt know how to handle !!!

  12. I am a strong and confident 30 year old woman .Coming from an abusive home and then being able to make my home a much better place for my 4 year old. I had to be strong as a child and i am confident that my child would look up to me as role model. Coming from such circumstances can effect me even as an adult. But i put my feelings aside when i look at her sweet face <3 Life can be really hard. Its up to us woman to be strong and make the best of it.

  13. What makes me strong?
    I am not afraid to succeed! I have a broken spine but I walk and play with my kids, I have Bi polar but live my life to the fullest extent, I ride a motor bike to feel free, and it let’s me feel like I can fly, to be looked up at by my children as role model makes me be the best I can be inside and out, and that is a choice I have to make every single day, as a Bi polar women I have to make a choice to be happy every single day, and that makes me strong

  14. My confidence, respect and belief in myself is what makes me a strong woman. I have been through many hardships but always came out of each situation stronger and more confident. Each situation I faced was a learning experience. I control my faith and I want only the best for myself which in turn will be good for those around me. I am a fulltime working mum with 2 beautiful daughters, a hubby of 15 years and I take care of my 61 year old mum.


  15. With the support and love of my family I am a strong and confident woman. For too long I was held back by being shy and too worried to talk to people, but no more! I turned 40 last year and started blogging and I swam the Midmar Mile this year. Change is great and a lot of fun!

  16. I am the founder of ladies etiquette and empowerment academy, Face Value. I believe in empowering and inspiring others to be there best version of themselves. Accept the flaws and love their inner beauty as much as their outer beauty. I believe #LikeAGirl means winning the race and that every woman needs to embrace all her sides, naughty and nice. It is only when we truly accept ourselves that we become strong and confident.

  17. What makes me a Strong and Confident Women?

    Personally its a combination of things that have moulded me to who I am.The values , morals and education my parents gave me along with the freedom to live my dreams.My religion and culture is another strong factor that has grounded me giving me the strenght to believe in myself and the courage to breathe my visions into reality.

    I attended an ex Model C High School where I was one of 5 students of colour in the 90’s.This experience gave me the confidence to be who I am today .

    My dear blogging friends who I have met encourage me and give me the belief that I am strong and confident.

    Strenght and confidence comes from within it is the situations, life lessons and my upbringing that has made me the STRONG and CONFIDENT Women I am .


  18. I am strong & confident because I have learned from the lessons that life has thus far thought me! I am no longer afraid to express who I am, and be the best version of me that I can possibly be! I embrace and love all my flaws. I am perfectly imperfect, and no-one can be a better me no matter how hard they may try. I aspire to be greater than I was yesterday, and achieve more. I realize that in this life, you are your biggest competition and you are also your biggest fan. I support myself and constantly aim higher. I am beautiful. I am smart. I am courageous. I am able. I am capable. I am a force to be reckoned with. I am ME! 🙂

  19. Being a mom these days,means being a fierce protector of your kids well being,yet still providing them with love & care. My kids are the reason I am strong,courageous and confident enough to tackle the days challenges. Mom for life!!

  20. I am not sure if my comment posted?
    I am strong and confident because no matter what life throws my way I pick up the pieces and count on my faith – I have lost 6 babies, nearly lost my husband, have worked 7 days a week 12 hours a day to put food on the table due to my husbands terrible accident that nearly took his life, I have a beautiful daughter who was a threatened miscarriage (I had to be in bed for most of my pregnancy) but despite this our love for each other has grown stronger as have we. (ddwallenkamp@gmail.com)

  21. Strong and confident? Through all the years that I have known myself, never have I seen things going some what so well for me. I feel at the top of my game, I am seeing the positive side of every situation and most importantly, I am trying to be the best mother, wife and sister I can be. I am really giving life all I have got and this is a good thing. Perhaps the reason for some of my success has been the fact that I am taking things one step at a time.

    If this continues, I will eventually achieve self-actualisation. Something I have been trying to achieve for years. The time of silly risk-taking has passed. Now is the time to push the limits, refusing to allow boundaries to hold me down; living up to the expectations that have been put on me. When a child is born, people expect certain things of him/her and his/her life. Now is the time to go even beyond those high expectations.

    Even though it may seem like hard work, nothing is impossible. If I aim for 120% and it doesn’t work out, I still have 100% whereas if you aim for 100%, you will only have 80% if it doesn’t work out.
    I believe I was not put on the earth to be a mere earthling but to rise above the rest by going out there and making it happen!
    There will be tough times – people have that thing called emotions. Today they’ll uplift you; tomorrow they’ll bring you down. This doesn’t mean that I should distrust all humans but just that I should not rely on anybody else for your happiness and success.

    As for mistakes… all humans make mistakes but I can learn from my mistakes and move on. I’ll keep in mind the saying: “when days are dark, friends are few” so I don’t just follow friends but I also follow my heart, my gut feeling, my conscience and the little voice inside my head.

    Now I want to go out there and live life. Strong and confident. And not be apologetic to life because hey, nobody survives it. I just have to keep my head pure and my conscience clean.

    Yes, Josh Groban I sing with you: “I am strong when I am on your shoulders; You raise me up to more than I can be. You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains; You raise me up to walk on stormy seas, I am strong when I am on your shoulders
    You raise me up to more than I can be
    You raise me up to more than I can be”

  22. I wasn’t a strong woman. For a long time I was overweight and felt like I didn’t fit in. I thought I was odd. Now that I’m older I realise my strength (or lack of) was because I surrounded myself with people that tore others down rather than uplifted. I think I’m a strong woman now because I have friends that have my best interests at heart and mine theirs. The love of others can only build us up.

    Oh that and funky sneakers. I feel like I can kick anyone’s ass when I’m wearing a good pair of sneakers!

  23. Im a angel. People love me. People just start chatting to me and then talk about their life. I think I have that psycologist look, or maybe it is because I have empathy with other people. The reason for the fact that I am strong in helping and wanting to help others lies within by past. Demons has taken my reason to live. I decided on this fateful day in the past that LIGHT will conquer the DARK! I CHOSE TO LIVE LIFE TO THE FULL despite the horrors of the pass.

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