Over the course of the summer, I tested out a few sunscreens to see which are the best ones on the market. I’m not gonna go on again about how important sunblock is, because I mention it anytime I do a post on one. I also used to be really bad with my sunscreen, taking the sun as a bit of a joke, until one holiday my little brother got so burned that his whole face was swollen for a week. The sun is really a force that you should not mess with, and I daily apply an SPF50 to my face, and anytime I have my body in the sun I wear a low protection like a SPF15, even when I want to catch a bit of a tan! So when we went down to Balitto for our annual holiday, I gave my folks a few sunblocks to test out, and put together the Top 4 that we enjoyed most.

For The Face- Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Sun Defense (RSP R165)

My mom was undergoing some face treatments while we were on holiday, and her cosmetologist strictly warned her not to let her face see the sun at all. She used this SPF50 everyday and wore a hat, and she loved it because it protected her skin to the max. It has a bit of a rich consistency and needs to be blended in well, but it doesn’t need re-applying after swimming because due to its heavy texture it really protects the face great. It’s small and compact, and I gave it to my mom to keep for every day use while she is in Russia(yes there is sun there too;).

For the Beach Babe- Tropitone Move It Sunscreen (RSP R69)

This SPF40 from Tropitone has an added bonus build into it- it shimmers! It’s a very light shimmer, but never the less it adds that glow to your skin that we try to achieve so badly with the tan. It also comes in an SPF30, however for me I enjoyed the 40 more because that was the protection that I was needing after a few days on the beach.The added Coconut Oil makes the sunscreen smell nice and “beachy” :),

For The Swimmers- Dermalogica Protection 50 Sport

My dad and my brother are both avid swimmers, with my brother spending most his time in the water swimming while we are at the beach. My dad also swims every 30 minutes or so, so the Dermalogica SPF50 Sport was perfect for them, as it stays on your skin even when you are swimming and moving around.Both of them really enjoyed the sunblock and no one got burned even a little. Okay my dads bald head did, but that’s because he forgot to put sunscreen on there!Lesson learnt, and they used this Dermalogica sunblock through our holiday and loved it.

For Everyone- Vichy Capital Soleil Hydrating Milk(RSP R400)

I reviewed the amazing Vichy Capital Soleil range over here, and I honestly couldn’t get enough of this hydrating milk with an SPF30. It’s really light and gentle, easy to blend in and works for every skin type. It also comes in a spray bottle if you really don’t want to fuss around. A great investment for anytime of the year!


As summer is winding down, its important not to forget that sunrays hit us daily, not only while the sun is shinning bright. Winter sun is just as dangerous, and you need to take care of your skin even as the days gets shorter. To keep your skin protected from the sun all year around, I’m giving away a Dermalogica Sun Care hamper today!The hamper includes the Dermalogica Protection 50 Sport that you can use on your kids while they are playing sport at school(or you are out there running that 21km on a Saturday morning),the After Sun Repair in case you have been naughty and not using your sunblock, and Solar Defence Booster with an SPF50 which you can mix into your moisturizer or foundation everyday to keep your face sun free and young!



To enter simply comment on this post and tell me what your favorite summer memory was this year!:)

I will get one of my friends to pick a winner from the answers, and the competition will run until Monday(1.03)!

Good luck!

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  1. my favourite summer memory is when i packed the boys and the dogs and went camping in greyton, I learnt to put up a tent and take it down all by myself and i survived sleeping in a tent with the boys and 2 dogs lol was a lot of fun and enjoyed every minute

  2. PS…id luv luv luv to win this prize esp as im outdoors all the time and agree with you 100% that sunblock is so important

  3. We had a very low key holiday this summer and it was exactly what I needed. I took time out from everything except my family and we had such a relaxed, easy-going holiday. It turned out especially well because I hadn’t wanted to go on holiday at first. 🙂

  4. One of my favourite Summer memory this year so far is going to our family’s beach house (with the family of course) for weekend worth of relaxing – going to the beach, swimming in the sea, and suntanning.

  5. My favourite summer memory was when me and my friends were just relaxing under a huge tree in my garden with some Vodka & the sun!

  6. My favourite summer memory was taking my 6 month old little princess into the pool with us for the first time. You have never seen such delight. I’m pretty sure she woke every napping holiday goer in a 100 mile radius.
    She adores water and seeing those tiny feet and chubby thighs splash about was just AWESOME!!

  7. My favourite summer memory.. I have a 4 year old daughter and a 3 year old son.. and they finally can play together on a “similar level” if I can call it that.. So watching the 2 of them throw the ball to each other or the one pushing the other on the swings..them playing hide and seek (even though they keep hiding in the same place haha) .. those are my cherished memories.. they became best friends this summer 🙂

  8. My favourite summer memory was New Year’s eve. My family and I had the most amazing Gatsby party – we had an amazing time and we came into 2015 filled with love, smiles and laughter.

  9. My all time favorite memory for this summer was mending broken family ties with my whole family & for my husband to finally engage in activities with my family which never happened before and now he cant get enough 🙂

  10. The first day of my holiday, when I could wake up late, go for brunch and meet friends at the beach. On that day the water in CT was actually bearable! Perfect! Plain and simple but the best. The sunburn afterwards—- not so great!

  11. This Summer’s favourite memory had to be our beach volleyball tournament.Loads of fun! Soon to be our annual summer event.

  12. My favorite summer memory from this holiday, is traveling to Germany with my brother to see my best friend. We have an amazing time, exploring castles, playing in the snow, shopping and eating! I also absolutely loved the piping hot Christmas day (that we had in Durban), filled with love, fun, food and family.

  13. My favourite summer memory this year was in December, just after Christmas. The family was all staying at my parents beach house near Port Elizabeth and early one morning my hubby, my dad and I went to a Penguin rehabilitation centre. It was release day so we stood on the beach together and watched four little penguins waddling down the beach.. they were a bit unsure at first but when they saw the sea they all waddled faster and entered the water and swam off together. Then we just sat there and watched them disappear into the distance. What a great morning!

  14. The most memorable summer memory was our family vacation with my entire family . This vacation was the first after 10 years of being dispersed across the country and the continent. It was memorable as we reconnected as a family and established great bonds and created new and amazing memories .

  15. My favorite summer memory was our trip to Cape Town. My boyfriends little girl stays in Gordon’s Bay, although we don’t get to see her a lot, as travel expenses from Johannesburg is quite a lot, especially taking into consideration car hire and accommodation. I had the privilege of visiting her with my boyfriend in the beginning of January and it was a blast. We drove into Cpt, visited Charlies Bakery for some coffee and cake, we went to a nearby wine farm, has a look around and a rest, and then we were off to Boulders Beach. It was a longish drive, but it was fun and we had the best weather. When we got home we took a stroll on the beach, watching the late night sunset and then relaxed on the patio and had a braai. We sipped on some gooood wine before we all got ready for bed. It was one of the best weekends ever.

  16. Getting to visit my folks on their farm in Namibia was wonderful! We haven’t been able to visit them in about 4 years, so it was an absolute treat!

  17. Favourite summer memory – spending a week in Clanwilliam with family. Kids had such an amazing time (all 5 cousins together), fishing, skiing, wake-boarding (everything was tried for the first time and none of them gave up until they had ‘mastered’ the activity). So good to be out in the open, away from city life! So good for children. Could have done with some of the sunscreens you tested especially as the sun is drawn towards my daughter’s fair skin.

  18. My favourite memory so far this summer is most probably Christmas day, I spent it with my family, for the first time in over 5 years we where all together in one spot. We lounged around on the deck watching the ocean and later we enjoyed an amazing lunch and ended the day with a movie!

  19. My best memory was seeing my son learn to swim and really fall in love with swimming. He squeals with happiness from swimming. He is 2.5 years old.

  20. Favourite memory?? Oh.. That’s easy.. Think West Coast, Cape Town. Sea.. sand… Braai going… Freshly caught snoek on the braai as a starter.. Nothing like it .. Beautiful… Bliss…

  21. My best and most cherished summer memory would be going on a microlight ride over the North Coast in Ballito. Sun in my hair,wind in my face and drinking in the breathtaking views from above was an experience that I will forever hold close to my heart. It made me realise what a beautiful country we live in. Something we tend to overlook when caught up in our busy lives. Xxx

  22. My fave summer memory was heading to cape town in dec for a friends wedding, and wine tasting in paarl with my fiancé. We spent our days sipping white wine in the summer sun.

  23. My favourite summer has to be my Kayak and Lilo trip down the Storms River from the mouth till waterfall what an amazing time enjoying it with my family. My best memories are always filled with adventure.

  24. Summer in general is a favourite memory.
    If I must choose then it would it be an amazing road trip on South Africa’s famous Panorama Route in Mpumalanga. It was one breathtaking view after another spent with friends. Sights and laughs for days!!!

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