Today is a little celebration on my blog, as I’ll Take It All turns 3 years old! 3 years ago I started my blogging journey, with my laptop, my dreams and this URL in hand!:) Sometimes I can’t believe that my blog is already 3 years old and other days I wonder- has it grown enough in those 3 years? All I know is that I still love blogging as much as I did when I first started, and that’s all the motivation I need to keep me going!


I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve been experiencing some “growing pains” with my blog over the past year or so. My blog hit the terrible 2s when I was all out inspiration in August last year and then in November I also started work which has made it increasingly difficult to find time for blogging. I meant what I said when I wrote this post on the blogs second anniversary– its an amazing opportunity. Such so that my first “grown up” job resulted as of it! I’ve been working at L’Oreal for over 6 months now, and who knows if I would have ever ended up there if it wasn’t for my blog!


However with a “grown-up” job came a set of real grown up responsibilities, and my blog has been pushed into the background for a little bit. I am still trying to adjust to the 9-5 job where I spend my whole week at, after which I come home and I am often too exhausted to even make dinner, let alone open my laptop and blog. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do(most days) and with Urban Decay set to open in just a few weeks, all the work is worth it. But I do feel like I’ve been giving my baby, I’ll Take It All, a lot less love than my new baby Urban Decay so I guess I am still trying to balance the two(can you image what’s going to happen to me when I have actual kids?;))


Still every weekend I find myself wanting to shoot an outfit, style some flat lays and open up a Word document and write something up. Just because I haven’t had as much time as I’ve been used to having to blog, hasn’t made me love my blog any less. I think of cool content that I could do at night when I struggle to sleep, on my way to work in the car and while talking to like-minded bloggers. Over the past year I’ll Take It All hasn’t only given me a job, but it also gave me friends and a safe haven for my thoughts and ideas.


I’ve also been trying to change the direction of my blog, as I am slowly branching away from beauty blogging and setting sail into lifestyle blogging. Its not that I don’t love beauty blogging anymore(I do, and there will always be a few reviews here and there) but its just that fashion has always been my first love and now that I’m getting the chance to travel more, I want to share more of that with you guys. I always speak about how much I love good food, and its also about time that I start sharing that too- not my own cooking, don’t worry 😉 But cool places to visit in South Africa, where to eat on a Friday night or even where to take a cooking course, if you are like me and need one 😉 I hope you join me as I’ll Take It All transitions into a lifestyle blog and I always welcome any blog post suggestions!:)


Thank you to each and every single one of you who stops by here and supports my blog! Of course every June I have treats for my readers, so watch out for some awesome giveaways starting tomorrow! Thank you for being with me these past 3 years and I hope we have many more together! 🙂


Photos by Keagan Carlin

Dress from Ted Baker at Stuttafords



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  1. Congratulations of 3 years! That is amazing. Keep up the blogging you are doing, because it is great! xx

  2. Congratulations girl. I love your blog and you’re one of the hardest working people I’ve seen. Keep it up!

    Have you called back people to work for Urban Decay?

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