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Long hair, and yes I do indeed care! My mane is one of my biggest priorities when it comes to beauty regimes, and while it is an expensive and a time-consuming upkeep, my hair is one of the things I like most about myself. Lately I have become a bit of a “hair-care snob” because I refuse to use any products that are not top-notch and blow me away. I raved about the L’Oreal Professionnel Pro Fiber range on my Twitter months ago, and now its time for a bit of an in-depth review and a giveaway to spoil you guys!


The L’Oreal Professionnel Pro Fiber range is a beautifully formulated range for damaged hair. Hair damage is one of the top concerns in women, and I am no exception. Since getting my hair coloured again last year, I of course experienced a little bit of hair damage plus I also heat style my hair almost every day which damages it further. Pro Fibre is the first in-salon anti damage long-lasting treatment  which started with a scientific break-through with the invention of the APTYL 100 technology. Everything starts in salon with an instant regeneration of hair fiber and continues at home with a long-lasting 6 week hair repair.


Pro Fiber consists of 3 ranges and it is a 3-step process. It all starts in a salon where the hair stylist will determine the level of damage on your hair, and starts you off with the Pro Fiber treatment. Level 1 is Reactivate– for minimally damaged hair, Level 2 is Restore- for medium damaged hair, and Level 3 is Reconstruct– for very processed and damaged hair. Due to the color in my hair and the heat styling the Restore range was chosen for me. The at-home range consists of the Shampoo, The Masque and 6 Re-Activating doses.


The technology behind Pro Fiber is phenomenal.The APTYL 100 technology is a new generation of hair care combining two molecules. APTYL 100 is way different from what we know-it’s the combination of the 2 molecules which allows full hair regeneration: The Aminosilane deeply restructures the cortex and strengthens the whole fiber structure while the cationic polymer resurfaces the cuticle to provide a soft and silky feel.


As I mentioned you start the Pro Fiber journey at a professional hair salon, and then follow it up with at-home care. As I only trust a few people with my hair, I headed back to Tanaz for my treatment. The results from the treatment were visible almost immediately, and I still love my hair from this fashion post which we shot the day after. You can see how healthy and vibrant my hair looks in those photos! I then continued using the Shampoo and the Masque at home(which also smell delicious by the way), and after every 6 washes I followed it up with the Re-charge capsules. I am now pretty much done with my shampoo and masque, and this has been one of my favorite hair ranges ever. My hair looks more smooth and shiny, feels healthy and has a lovely texture to it.


To spoil one of my readers today I have a Pro Fiber hamper to giveaway, which includes a in-salon treatment and the whole range to use at home(the level will be determined by a salon specialist and then send through to the PR to send the range to the reader). Its such a divine range and treat for your hair, so don’t miss this one out! To enter just comment on this post with your details 🙂




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    This is more than amazing. My hair looks your length but is lacking shine and looking dull so I have no doubt this would be the fix.

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