I have said many times that I firmly believe that a good foundation is the start to a make-up routine. It’s a must have item in my beauty arsenal, and I like having it in different forms- some days I feel like a light BB cream, others a powder, and sometimes I like a little bit more coverage. My go-to foundation since I was 22 and was walking past a Lancôme counter has been Teint Miracle.

It is my ride-or-die foundation because it is light but buildable and it has the most wonderful scent. I love Teint Miracle so much that I did not give Lancômes is other foundation, Teint Idole, a try until recently. I decided to try it in 3 different forms- liquid, cushion and pressed powder. Well what did I think about the Teint Idole Trio?

Lets start with the Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation(R540). I like to think of it as the big sister of Teint Miracle- it is a little bit more of a mature and grow-up foundation. It promises to provide you with 24 Hour coverage, and lives up the long-wear hype- while I sometimes struggle with Teint Miracle running away from my face, Teint Idole stays put and lasts for the whole day. It is however quite high coverage and takes a bit more time to blend out. The finish is dewy- this is not a matte foundation, so if you have a more oily skin, this might not be for you (or you will have to set it and mattify it with powder).

I read that a lot of people struggle finding the correct shade in Teint Idole, but I hit it just right with shade 010. Like I said this does take a bit more blending time with my brush, but the result is worth it. Is this my go-to foundation? No, but when I feel like I need some extra coverage (around certain times of the month when my skin decides to go wild and break out) I always reach for it. I recommend it for someone with a combination skin that is looking for a demi-matte finish and high coverage.

Next, we have the latest launch that has set the beauty community a buzz- the Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Cushion(R545). I originally purchased the Teint Miracle Cushion in Russia last year and LOVED It! So light, so airy and applied like a dream on the skin. I was almost expecting to fall in love with the Teint Idole Ultra Cushion and I almost did! The only thing that stopped my love affair with this product was that sadly I was not sent the correct shade of it. I got shade 2, which is a little bit pink for me, but I plan on purchasing shade 1(which is my shade) very soonly!

So, lets talk about the product! Inspired by the Asian beauty, Lancôme created the Miracle Cushion in 2015, and now the Teint Idole Ultra Cushion is hot on its heels. This is no ordinary cushion and is filled with some patent pending technology called the Cushion Polar technology, designed to adapt to a thicker, creamier texture offering higher coverage.

Its secret: a reinvented sponge-cushion covered with an unprecedented mesh . The sponge-cushion is composed of interlacing fibers with larger spaces to give the formula more room. The rigidity of these fibers also ensures optimal preservation of the formula inside the sponge. The mesh in the compact covers the sponge and activates during the first use, which then filters the formula to guarantee thin, even application, all while maintaining freshness.

I expected this to be very similar to the liquid foundation, but it is a lot lighter. However it is very buildable! It comes out as medium coverage from the mesh onto the sponge, but you can easily build it up to a higher coverage. Basically I think this a great companion to the Teint Idole Foundation, so you can touch up during the day if needed, or a great product on its own for a fuss-free makeup application. I also love that you can buy a re-fill for the cushion! To start you off the cushion costs R520, but a refill that you simply pop into the compact is only R380. I also preferred this over the Miracle Cushion because that dried out a lot quicker- with this one is been just over a month and its still fresh!

Lastly, I tried out something that I don’t try very often- powder foundation. A compact is never my first choice- due to me having a normal to combination skin I never suffer with extreme oiliness, so a liquid is always my foundation of choice. A pressed powder foundation is recommended for anyone with an oily skin because they are usually quite mattifying. My experience with powders is slim, so I was trying this out with a bit of caution. If you are wondering as to why this powder still looks so clean and shiny brand new, its because I actually just re-purchased it! I did not expect myself to love a powder foundation so much, but I am really enjoying it.

The Teint Idole Powder Foundation(R565) has the patented Eternity Polymer technology that has already proved itself in Teint Idole Ultra Fluid. This combination of silicone and hydrocarbon polymers provides exceptional mattifying effects hour after hour, coupled with maximum affinity to the skin. Like an anti-sebum screen, this complex from Lancôme ensures very long wear – up to 16 hours – in absolute comfort.

I still use it for mainly a setting purpose- often on top of my Teint Miracle as a powder foundation is another way to build up coverage. I find that my foundation does sit a lot better if I use this compact on top, especially on top of the concealer! Its case is very easy to travel with and I keep it with me on the go to touch up throughout the day. I still don’t use it as a primary foundation layer(the skill is just not there and it scares me a little), but if you are looking for a great compact to set your make-up with, or use for touch ups during the day then this is your girl.

Have you tried anything in the Lancôme Teint Idole range yet?

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