Travelling has become a big focus for me over the past year, and I have just gotten back from Italy and Russia, and I have already booked my next flight- its Mauritius time in a month! One of my dear friends is getting married and we are making a full holiday out of it with a full week of ocean views and palm trees. I am not a huge fan of flying (that’s putting it mildly, I sometimes cry on the plane) but of course it needs to be done if you want to explore the world. To make the flying process as smooth as possible, I make sure to have some of my favourite beauty items on board with me. These are my Top 5 Must Have beauty items to have on board while I’m travelling.

garniner micellar water

You will notice that most of them are mini sizes because of course there are rules as to what you can and can’t take on board with you in terms of liquids. The first thing that I can’t live without are my Garnier Micellar Extra Gentle Cleansing Wipes (R65 in store and online). The original Micellar Water was one of my favourite products of 2015, and this year the brand also launched the wipes and the mini Micellar water. The reason as to why I prefer the wipes, is of course because of the logistics- I don’t need to take the extra cotton wool with me along with the water. I am very hectic above removing my make-up every night, and I even do so on the plane. The wipes feel very light-weight and they are not sticky at all- a thing that I struggle with on all other make-up wipes. It quite literally feels like water on your face, and the makeup is all gone with one wipe. A real life saver to have not on only on the plane but during your travels too.

garnier micellar water

Kiehl’s is one of my favourite skincare brands, and another reason as to why I love them, is their “Try Before You Buy” policy. That’s how I first discovered the brand 3 years ago, when I was given a few samples of Midnight Recovery Concentrate to try out, and I was hooked. They also have deluxe sizes of products such as this Ultra Facial Moisturizer that you get free when you purchase 3 or more products in store. I like to travel with this cream because it’s incredibly moisturizing without being too heavy- exactly what you need on the plane. The cool air in the cabin dries out my skin on a long haul flight, and I like to keep this on hand to put some on during the flight. Again I also travelled with it because even though it is a mini, it will last you about a month so it was perfect to pack with for the overall trip.


After flying for 14 hours I start looking a little bit tired but yet I usually land and go out exploring- so looking tired is really not an option. I will do a post on what’s in my travel makeup bag on Monday, but every good look starts with good skin. I fell in love with the Lancôme Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate last year, and it is a very light serum that immediately brightens your skin and makes you look more “a-glow”. Hey you gotta fake it until you make it! I put it under the Ultra Facial Moisturizer to look fresh for when I land. It’s also a mini size that I got for free when I purchased 2 Lancôme products for my mom last month (as part of the My Lancôme gift set). Always try and cash in on the little deals with different brands that offer you miniature sizes with purchase, because believe me these things come in handy!


Speaking of the cool air and dryness, not only does my face suffer on the plane, but so do my hands. I like applying hand cream a few times during the flight to keep my hands moisturized. The Crème De Corps mini (another goodie I got with a purchase) is one of my ultimate products from Kiehl’s (read my full review here) as I love that it is quite rich (exactly what my hands need on the plane) and it smells divine.


And finally, I can’t travel without a lip balm! This Vichy one(R120) is a favourite all year around and it’s almost done (sad face!).  Dry and chapped lips are not a very hot look, so I apply this all throughout the flight.


What are you top items to have on board with you?


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