Have you ever come across an item of clothing that you just love and have to own? Well, that happened to me and this dress back in September! I first spotted this dress at the Woolworths Mall Of Africa store back in August, but seeing as it wasn’t month end yet(and I just paid for a trip to Spain) I didn’t get it. And then the dress began to haunt me! I was so sad that I didn’t get it and the matter was made worse by the fact that my friend did (and she brought it along to our Spain trip!). After we got home I started chasing it around all Woolworth’s stores and everywhere it was sold out! Nothing haunts you like the things you didn’t buy!

The reason I loved the dress so much and had to make it mine was my big “off-the-shoulder” obsession. I just love any top and dress with that design, plus how lovely is the colour! It’s a beautiful peach pink that compliments any skin tone. Plus the beautiful lace design got me- it’s so feminine and pretty! After going to 5 different Woolworths in the pursuit of the dress, their system eventually told me that there was only one peach dress left, in a little store, and it was hidden right at the back of it, but it was there! I’ve gotten so much wear out of it this summer season because it so versatile! You can actually put the sleeves up and make it work appropriate, and it’s the perfect outfit for a Sunday brunch!

The dress is sold out (obviously) but there is a beautiful version of it in white and dusty pink available now! It’s not on the cheap side, but I promise you its great quality and totally worth the price tag (so much so that I used all of my birthday vouchers on it he-he). I usually pair it with a nice pair of sandals and a bright lip for a casual look.

Dress- Woolworths

Shoes- Cotton On

Photography by Reflection 9

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