When you are surrounded by make-up all day, errrday, you see hundreds of products come across your desk(I know, living the dream here!;)). As a make-up addict, testing out different products is my dream but I don’t happen to love all of them. I love colour but the thing is, sometimes it’s difficult for me to incorporate it into my makeup every day, because I’m lazy AF in the morning. I would rather get 20 minutes extra sleep( I don’t know how I’m going to have a child one day because I love sleep so much!), so I like something quick and easy that can incorporate some colour into my daily look. When Urban Decay launched the Razor Sharp Water-Resistant Longwear Liquid Eyeliners in 20 colours I thought I might go crazy- I needed to get my hand on ALL of the colours! I ended up getting 6 of my favs and wanted to share some looks with you today.

Liquid Liner was one of Urban Decays original colour products, and they’re always reinventing and improving it. Since I can never get enough colours, 20 shades are a perfect choice for a colour junkie like me. The name comes from one of Urban Decays photographers, who used to look in the lens and whisper, “Ooh, that’s razor sharp.”  The precision brush really lives up to the moniker—it’s thin, sharp and with a steady hand can be very precise.

Fun fact about me- I can’t do eyeliner with a pencil! I just can’t! I end up smudging it all over or having to pull my eyelids so I can draw on them. But liquid liner, now that’s my jam. On a good day I can draw a steady line, and on an extra good day I can even make it a wing(but don’t count on it;))

I got my hands onto 6 shades that I liked the most, and the finishe of the liners vary from metallic to satin. Goldrush(a gold sparkly shade), Fireball (peach with a pink shift),  Zodiac(smoky black with green sparkle) and Space Cowboy(champagne with silver sparkles) are all metallic, so they bring sparkle to the game. Chaos(a vibrant cobalt blue) and Kush(grass green) dry to a more satin finish. The liners are water-proof and I’ve tested that myself- I’ve gone swimming with “Fireball” and “Chaos” several times. The formulation of each liner is different and I will tell you this- you need to shake the bottle well before you use it to get the maximum colour payoff.

Also a quick note about the packaging- Razor Sharp Liquid Eyeliner comes in a highly metallized bottle with an easy-to-spot, shade-matched cap. To create texture and added grip for the perfect application, the bottle has microfine slashed knurling in a pretty crosshatch pattern. Quite pretty, don’t you think?

So how do you wear these babies? I’ve swatched all 6 for you here, and the options are limitless! I’ve used Fireball, Chaos and Space Cowboy just to show you 3 different ways you could wear them.

Top to bottom- Space Cowboy, Zodiac, Chaos, Goldrush, Fireball, Kush
Top to bottom- Space Cowboy, Zodiac, Chaos, Goldrush, Fireball, Kush

Option One- On top of a black liner. One of my favourite’s ways to way the eyeliner is like this. It’s subtle, but still has the desired effect. After drawing a black liner, I add a thin line of Fireball on top of it.

Sometimes I draw it directly onto the black liner, but starting in the middle- so it has the duo eyeliner effect. It’s subtle but a fun way to bring some colour into your makeup routine.

Option Two– Wear the liner by itself. Chaos is my ultimate shade- I just love the bright blue! It needs nothing else to go with it, as just the colour by itself is so bright and “in-your-face”.

On a day where I don’t feel like wearing eye shadow, but also don’t feel like not wearing anything at all, I add some Chaos to my lids and I’m done. I think it works lovely with a brown lipstick as well- this is the VICE shade in “1993”.

Option Three– All over your lid. I watched Jessicas tutorial so this is totally not my idea, but it’s a lot of fun!

I’m still trying to perfect it and have a good transition colour from the gold, but for now I used “Extra Bitter” from the Naked Ultimate Basics palette. I think this is a fun way to wear it for a night out at the club(or somewhere fancy).

Have you tired any of the Razor Sharp eyeliners? They are available in store for R300 each!:)

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