You don’t have to try and convince me to try a new lip product- as a confessed lipstick and lip gloss addict, anytime something new hits the market, I want it! I want it all! Last week I tested and tried the new Maybelline Vivid Hot Lacquer Lip gloss. Rumour has it, lip glosses are back in trend and they are back with a bang. They were on the bench for me a bit as matte lipsticks took over, but the more I wear lip glosses nowadays, the more I like it. These Vivid Hot Lacquer babies might just be the reason why!

I got to try out eight shades, most of which were a hit with me. Let’s chat about what I liked about them- the intensely pigmented formula applies like a dream onto the lips. The colour is Vivid, as the packaging says- you can see it in all of the pictures below. You will get exactly the colour that you desire from the Hot Lacquer collection. The applicator is also very easy to use and allows for a precise definition, so it is all thumbs up from me on the colour payoff and the application.

What I did not like about them is what I don’t like about lip glosses in general- they feel a bit “tacky” on the lips. It is just a texture thing for me, and this happens with all lip glosses- I guess I am just used to the matte formula so much, that it feels strange for me to have something else on my lips. However, they do glide onto your lips quite comfortable and stay there. I did find that with the lighter shades you have to re-apply the gloss a lot more often than with the darker tones. Overall, I am quite excited about lip glosses making a comeback and I love this shiny finish on my lips!

A quick glance at how the shades look on me and what to expect what the colour payoff.


One of my favourite shades from the collection is this sultry nude. This will look great on all skin tones, and is your prefect day-to-day lip gloss.

Too Cute

This colour is indeed, too cute! A bubble gum pink that is just fab for this warm spring weather.


A bold pigmented fuchsia colour that needs an attitude to match!

So Hot!

I am not a fan of coral lipsticks but if you are, then you will love this bold and bright shade.


I love all shades of red, so this wine hued lip gloss was a win for me. It is great for winter but I see this colour looking just as fab on a hot summer’s night.


Not for the faint hearted, this blue purple shade is sure to stand out from the crowd. It is not my usual vibe, but its fun to try on now and then.


This shade is the rich colour of chocolate and I would rather save it for autumn vibes. Just looking at it makes me want to dig into a piece of Lindt dark chocolate!


Now this is my shade of purple! It’s a lot more subtle than Royal, but its glossy finish adds a dash of glam that this shade needs.

These babies will set you back R149.95 each and they are available at all Maybelline counters nationwide.


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