September has come and gone, and as much as I am sad to see my favorite month of the year end, I am also glad. I had some doubts and anxiety about turning 25, and I feel like now that its happened, I can carry on with my life and adjust to everything. September wasn’t a very make-up heavy month, but instead I focused on the skin care side of things. Without further ado, lets talk about the things that impressed me in September.

Garnier Micellar Water


I’m sure you have seen this pretty guy ALL over blogs and magazines, and read many rave reviews about it. I wish I could be different and have anything bad to say about it, but I don’t, because it is JUST THAT GOOD. With the word “Water” in its name it looks and smells exactly like that, and yet still manages to get your make-up off in one swipe! I found this to be better than any make-up wipes, because make-up wipes often leave your face a little bit greasy and don’t take all of the make-up off, while the Garnier Micellar Water removes every bit of it. Event the difficult waterproof mascara, it tackles that too! I use it on the nights that I am super lazy and don’t feel like cleansing my face properly, and just use it to remove all makeup, or after I’ve washed my faced and there is still some waterproof make-up left on my lashes.

garnier micellar water

It is light, easy to use and affordable (just over R80)! However for some reason I found that this blue bottle (recommended for Combination to Oily skin) worked much better for me than the pink bottle (recommended for all skin types) in removing makeup. I do have a combination skin, so it does make sense, but I was a little bit surprised. Check these guys out at Clicks, so worth the cash!

Avene Thermal Spring Water

avene thermal spring water

I have been a fan of Thermal Water for a while, and when my Vichy one ran out, I decided to give this Avene one a go. Avene was all over the Parisian Pharmacies when I visited Paris in June, so I was quite interested to try it out. It didn’t disappoint, and it is a great competitor for the Vichy Thermal Water! I still use it as the first ingredient in my skin care routine, spraying some onto my face every morning before putting anything else on. It helps with dryness, redness and soothes the skin. It is also suitable for sensitive skin as it doesn’t contains perfume. It costs a little bit less than the Vichy one (its R145), and while people often think this is just water in a can, I always say buy it and try it out, and see for yourself! Avene is available exclusively to Clicks.

Johnson’s Hydration Essentials Gel Mask

johnson's hydrating mask

I’ve already mentioned this Gel Mask on my Snapchat (check me out @irinadoman), and I said that I thought this was a great dupe for the Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Mask. The interesting thing about this product is that you can use it as a moisturizer, as it sinks into your skin after a few minutes, without leaving it all greasy, or you can just use it as a mask to boost your skins hydration. Remember that even oily skin can be dehydrated, because hydration and skin texture and two completely different things!

johnson's hydrating mask

As I use a hydrating serum on my skin daily, I use this once a week as a mask, which I massage into my skin and then wash off after 10 minutes. This a great product, and the only downside is that it wont be suitable for sensitive skin, as it does contain alcohol and perfume. Available at Clicks for R59.95

Lancôme Genifique Light Pearl Eye Illuminator


This is a bit on the expensive side of things (its R850), but it was such a favorite of mine through out September that I had to mention it. I am not a huge fan of eye products, because so many of them have left me rather unimpressed, but this Lancôme gem has really pleased me it with its results. It is basically an eye illuminator that refreshes your eyes instantly, helps with dark circles and under bag eyes, and soothes the redness and puffiness around the eye area. With its pearl-shaped applicator, it is very easy to use as you can get right under your eye area, and because it is rather cool (it feels like its made out of glass) it immediately cools your eye are down, which will soothe any puffiness. I like applying it in the morning before doing my make-up, as it lightness the eye area and preps it for concealer. A really great investment, and I think I will do a full-on review about this product into the future.

Calvin Klein Euphoria Perfume

calvin klein euphoria

Perfumes are often associated with memories, and this perfume is very special to me. I first bought Euphoria in Duty Free in Athens while traveling with my family, and this was my first designer perfume at the age of 15! Back then Euphoria was just launched, and the second I smelled it, I was in love. Since then I’ve re-purchased the perfume twice, and last month I got it in goodie bag, and all of my old memories about this scent came rushing back to me. It has notes of Pomegranate, Orchid and Lotus, and it is quite a strong fragrance, but in a very feminine way. This is such a favorite of mine all the time, but I used it a lot especially in September, as it was my birthday month!


MAC Vamplify Lip Color in “What’s Going On?”

mac amplify whats going on

I mentioned this product in the post here this month, and all I have to add is that it’s amazing, bright and you should get your hands on it ASAP!

Have you tried any of these products before?


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